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Warkeys Not Working In Windows 7 and Vista

Hello folks, Getting freaked out because your warkeys isn’t working?? I know that this problem is very common among the Vista and 7 users. The problem is not due to compatible issues or anything but solely the advanced security features that Windows 7 and Vista offers. Though

Beginners Guide to Become Pro In Warcraft Dota

I know, I know. If you are a hardcore DotA player you must have had the thoughts in your mind about becoming a pro. Let me tell you that there isn’t such thing called a pro in dota. Its just skill, practice, cunning-ness, reflexes and most important

Warcraft DotA Online Multiplayer Commands

Hi guys , I hope you all have liked my previous post Warcraft DotA 70 Unknown Hero Secret Tips & Useful Items Online and been playing Warcraft DotA Online some or the other time with other international players. Have you ever wondered while playing DotA why players

Top 5 Must Have Tools To Play DotA Online

Today I’m gonna let you know the top 5 tools that you need to have while playing online DotA, be it Pub(Public) or Clan. These are not cheats or Hacks that are gonna help you exploit the game but merely simple tools that increase your flexibility with
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