How To Block Websites Without Any Softwares

As we all use different software’s and applications to block websites which we don’t need publicly. There is a alternate tip for blocking the websites without any softwares. Just all you have to do is to edit a file in windows. For that follow these steps given

What To Do When System Hangs In Middle

The main problem we face regularly when we use a computer is: System hangs or freezes most of the times. Most of us will do a system reset or restart when system hangs because we dont have any other option. The main problem with this Reset is

Boost Windows 7 Like Never Before

This Tutorial is to speed up your windows 7 with very easy steps and the best thing is that it has been tested and its working awesome. I will guide you through simple steps which you can apply easily. 1. Open start menu and type MSCONFIG in

Find your stolen or missing laptops

Adeona is the first Open Source system for tracking the location of your lost or stolen laptopcentral service. that does not rely on a proprietary, Adeona is available for Windows and MAC platform. You just have to download the software from their official website or from the

Folder Lock With Password Without Any Software

Paste the code given below in notepad and ‘Save’ it as batch file (with extension ‘.bat’). Any name will do. Then you see a batch file. Double click on this batch file to create a folder locker. New folder named ‘Locker’ would be formed at the same
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