Gamescom 2014 Sony PlayStation Roundup – All You Need to Know

PS4 Logo

There’s no two ways about it, the Sony PlayStation 4 is handily winning this generation’s console war, outselling the Xbox almost 2 to 1 in some regions. The lower price, relaxed DRM and focus on games definitely went down well with the gaming community. After Microsoft’s exciting showing at Gamescom 2014 (Read all about it [...]

Gamescom 2014 Microsoft Xbox Roundup – All You Need to Know

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One is sort of a mixed bag. When it was revealed around last year, it received a lukewarm response initially because of the apparent focus on everything else but games, restrictive DRM and mandatory Kinect. Over the next few months, despite all the criticism, Microsoft listened to feedback and changed a lot of things, including [...]

uBeam Preview – True Wireless Charging Without Charging Pad

uBeam Preview - Logo

Wireless charging is one of those innovations that really seem ‘futuristic’, for the lack of a better word. The idea of just placing your device on a surface and charging up the battery was undeniably cool, but wasn’t wireless charging in the truest sense. Going mainstream in 2012 with the launch of the Nokia Lumia [...]

Instagram Bolt Announced – A Snapchat Competitor

Instagram Bolt Announced - FI

Instagram, the wildly popular photo and short video sharing app launched in 2010 is now expanding. Originally starting off just as a photo sharing service with filters, it has now grown pretty much into a social network, adding video sharing along the way. This boom even caught the eye of the folks at Facebook, who [...]

Nokia Lumia 530 Announced – Cheapest Nokia Windows Phone 8.1 Device

Nokia Lumia 530 Announced

The Nokia Lumia 520, launched more than a year ago in February 2013, was mostly responsible for the sudden boom in Windows Phone devices. It may not be much compared to say, Android’s domination, but basically, a lot of Windows Phone’s success can be attributed to the Lumia 520. Targeted mostly at cost-sensitive markets like [...]

Nvidia Shield Tablet Preview – Most Powerful Gaming Tablet

Nvidia Shield Tablet Preview 2

Almost exactly last year, Nvidia stepped into the mobile gaming arena with a quirky yet promising device called Project Shield. It was, for all intents and purposes, a controller with a screen. While fairly well received for its streaming capabilities and powerful hardware, it never really caught on. Cut to one year later, and we [...]

Top 5 High Speed Universal 3G Data Card Dongles for 2014

Top 5 High Speed Universal 3G Data Card Dongles for 2014 - Micromax MMX 210G

If you’re a frequent traveler who needs to keep in touch with the world, there’s really nothing like a universal 3G data card dongle. With easily available SIM cards and fairly widespread 3G networks, you can easily stay connected to the internet with an affordable 3G data card since you already have a SIM card on [...]

Top 5 Free Data Recovery Tools – Recover Your Lost Data

Top 5 Free Data Recovery Tools - Recuva Icon

Ever accidentally deleted a file, photo or video and wondered if you could recover it? Ever had a computer restart only to find out that the project you were working on has disappeared? All is not lost, yet. Even though data might be deleted from the Recycle Bin, it’s often present either as a copy or as [...]

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