Top 5 4th Generation Intel Core i5 Laptops Under Rs. 40,000

Intel Core i5 4th Generation FI

When you’re looking to buy a new laptop, Rs. 40,000 or so is the sweet spot that gets you that right balance between performance and affordability. We would recommend getting an Intel Core i5 processor, the midrange offering from the chip giant, which ensures that you have enough power for most daily tasks and even [...]

Amazon’s Smartphone Revealed – Has 6 Cameras!

Amazon Logo

Almost ever since Amazon entered the tablet game with the fantastic Kindle Fire series, there’s been talk of a smartphone from the e-commerce and electronics giant. The recent Amazon Fire TV launch only shows how serious they are about expanding into other markets, and some pretty trusted sources say that the Amazon Smartphone isn’t too [...]

What Is The Heartbleed Bug and What Can You Do About It?

What Is The Heartbleed Bug 2

One of the biggest stories making rounds from the past few days is the discovery of the Heartbleed bug. This bug was discovered by a Finnish security firm called Codenomicon and an independent Google researcher, who came to know that one of the most widely used online security protocols was not as safe as it was [...]

Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 810 and 808 – High End 64-bit SoC’s

Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Announced 2

When the iPhone 5S came out with a 64-bit SoC, it was hailed for thinking forward, even though there wasn’t and in fact isn’t, much real world usage as of now. A representative of Qualcomm, Anand Chandrashekhar, famously dismissed Apple’s A7 chips as a gimmick, and was removed from his position as Chief Marketing Officer [...]

Nokia Lumia 930, 630 and 635 Launched – First Windows Phone 8.1 Devices

Nokia Lumia 930, 630 and 635 Launched - Lumia 930 (2)

The first day of the Build 2014 conference was packed with a lot of announcements, the biggest being Windows Phone 8.1, the Windows 8.1 Update 1 and of course, new developer features and changes. Towards the end of the keynote, Stephen Elop took the stage, expressed his enthusiasm about the Microsoft-Nokia merger, and revealed 3 [...]

USB 3.1 Cables and Connectors Revealed – Next Generation USB Connectivity

USB Symbol

The most used connector/cable/communication standard in the world is definitely due for an update, and finally, here it is! USB 3.1 is the new version of the worldwide standard, that brings with it new features and a much more user friendly design that would really get rid of those (mildly) annoying times when the connector [...]

Archival Disc Announced – Much More Storage Than Blu-Ray Disc!

Archival Disc Announced 1

Back in 2006, the high resolution format war was fought between two contenders. HD-DVD, supported by Toshiba and Thomson, and Blu-Ray Discs, supported by biggies like Sony, Samsung, Pioneer, Panasonic, Intel, Dolby and TDK duked it out, with Blu-Ray discs emerging as the victor in 2008, when pretty much all HD-DVD player and production stopped. [...]

iBall Andi 5.5N2 Quadro Phablet Launched in India @ Rs 14,999

iBall Andi 5.5N2 Phablet

With biggies like Apple, Samsung and Nokia taking over the smartphone market, you would think that other brands will step backward. It may be applicable for a few, but not for the iBall, the Indian manufacturer which has been growing really fast. Their Andi 5.5N2 Quadro phablet has been launched to set a trend in [...]

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