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Top 10 Upcoming PC, Xbox One and PS4 Games of 2015

A short while ago, we covered the top 10 upcoming PC games, Xbox One games and PlayStation 4 games of 2015. It’s been almost half a year since, and we’ve seen a lot of the games we mentioned on all three platform lists release. A few games were pushed and one

Top 10 Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games of 2015

We’ve covered the top 10 upcoming PC games as well as Xbox One games of 2015, and now it’s the PlayStation 4’s turn. Sony’s machine has been dominating, for the lack of a better word, sales this console generation. It did get a bit of a headstart, but

Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2015

The Xbox One was off to a bit of a shaky start last year, what with all the restrictions, mandatory Kinect and high price, but we can safely say it has come into its own over the past year and become a solid value for money buy.
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