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Speed Up Your Computer In 6 Easy Ways

So your computer has been running slow lately? Boot up taking longer than you would like? Files taking way too long to open? All of these and some more common problems can be fixed with just a little housekeeping, so to speak. Here are some tips to

Mobile Generations – 1G to 4G

So you might have seen 3G being advertised everywhere these days, billboards, television advertisements, you name it. But what is 3G? How is it different from what we used previously? What were the previous standards? First of all, these standards are set by the International Telecommunication Union

Motorola Atrix – The future of mobile devices?

Touted as the “World’s most powerful smartphone and the future of mobile computing”, the Motorola Atrix has a lot to live up to. First unveiled at CES 2011, Motorola promised a revolution, and judging by previews, the Atrix sure seems like an amazing device. It is scheduled

How to Create Windows XP Live Recovery disc

What do you do if your PC completely crashes? Reinstall Windows? Instead, here’s a way to create a live bootable Windows XP disc, it takes only about 15 minutes! A live disc is a disc that contains an operating system that can be directly run without installation

Graphics Card Slots – All You Need To Know

A graphics adapter/card is an expansion card, whose primary function is to output images onto a display. Adapters nowadays offer accelerated rendering of 3D and 2D graphics. They can be of two types, integrated graphics adapters and dedicated graphics adapters. Integrated graphics adapters are embedded onto the

32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems

Operating systems nowadays come in 2 types. 32-bit is the standard and widely known type, and 64-bit, which is comparatively lesser known. 32 and 64 bit architectures mainly refer to the types of data units. A 64-bit architecture supports 64 bits wide data units, which allow for
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