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The Best Windows 10 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

It’s been almost a month since Microsoft’s latest (and last) major operating system was released to the public, and between the slightly confusing upgrade policy and phased rollouts, we’ve seen that the operating system is actually quite good. Since it aims to bridge the gap between mobile

How To Create A Windows 8.1 Recovery Drive Or Disc

Picture this, your brand new laptop or desktop computer runs into a fatal error just a few weeks after purchase, and you don’t have the Windows installation disc. What do you do then? Most new computers don’t come with optical media anymore, and in case of emergencies, it’s

How To Reduce The Windows Folder Size and Save Storage Space

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re running on some version of Microsoft Windows. Being the most used operating system in the world means that it’s also the most attacked, and as a consequence receives updates very frequently. It’s always recommended to keep your Windows directory
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