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Facebook Launches Standalone Messenger Web Service

When Facebook spun off its chat service into a separate app on mobile devices back in July 2014, they faced a lot of flak for fragmenting services. Although the Messenger app became popular for the video calling and chat head features, it was nevertheless a separate service,

How To Change Your Primary Facebook Network

Networks on Facebook used to be a way to stay connected to people around you who either stayed at the same location, went to the same school, worked at the same place, or something similar. You could choose what networks you wanted to be a part of,

Facebook Introduces Desi Chumbak Stickers

Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Gtalk are the best ways to connect with loved ones. Hours of chatting are immense fun and smiles help enhance the chat by expressing yourself. To have a better enjoyable experience, Facebook has added a streak of desiness to itself! The so called ‘Chumbak

Video On Instagram launched on Facebook

In April 2012, Facebook acquired the hugely popular photo sharing based social network Instagram for around 1 billion dollars in cash and stock. The result of this acquisition didn’t bring much to the masses, until now. In an event in Menlo Park today, Facebook announced the launch
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