Dual Boot Problems With Windows 7 and Xp

Why do we always face problems when we install dual operating systems in our PC or Laptop? The Problem is with operating system or with our PC?
This is a common problem with all users who have a dual operating systems in there PC. Remember one thing when you are using a PC or a laptop. Do not use a multiple windows operating system better go for a windows and a linux dual boot so that you may have a grip on open source too. But this may also create some problems.
I saw many technical problems like system crash, hard-disk problems, drivers problems, blue-tooth problems in laptops and etc. so what to do to avoid these problems.etter use a latest version of original windows rather than a pirated. B
If you are using already a dual boot in your hard disk say like windows XP and windows 7 and you want to remove any one of your desired operating system you will face a lot of confusion to remove them.
So how we remove a dual operating system from a computer. If we install windows xp on a windows 7 operating system we don’t have any much installation problems where as if you do that in a vice versa i mean if u install a windows7 on a windows xp we might face so problems as we are over riding a old version of operating system with a new version.
So when we want to remove windows in this scenario its not possible for us. Because at this time what we do is that we format windows 7 from xp and even that is also not possible so do as i say. I will tell you a simple way to remove windows 7 from your system.


1) Boot From Windows Xp and Select the drive where windows 7 is installed.
2) Right Click on the drive and select the Format option.
3) After Format restart the system and put a XP cd and repair Xp to avoid future problems.
4) If u have any errors in formatting windows 7 then follow step 5.
5) Format the drive using a command prompt like c: format D and press enter.
6) Here D drive is windows 7 drive.
7) or follow METHOD 2.


1) Boot with windows xp.
2) Mount windows 7 dvd iso in any image drive like Power ISO or Deamon Tools.
3) Open Run Command by pressing win + R.
4) Now Type as [I]:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force and type enter. (here I is my image drive) so what ever image drive u have just use that there.
5) Now Remove the image from the image drive and restart your system.
6) Now your computer will boot up with windows xp.
7) Go to the drive where you have windows 7 and remove the files by deleting manually or format the drive.
8) Now go to the root system folder of windows xp and remove Boot.BAK & BootSect.BAK.
9) Done now you can use windows xp without formatting it.

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