How to Protect Your Hard disk With HD Tune

Now-a-days most of us have a common problem with their hard drive. Which Suddenly crashes without any notice and warnings. When it corrupts we have no other choice left other than to give it to service center. The saddest thing about this is that we lose all our data which is collected from days and get a fresh formatted hard drive from the servicing.Wondering how to protect your hard disk? Read on!
How to protect your hard disk

Have you ever had a chance to know that your hard disk is going to be corrupted or is ready to crashed? If not we have a chance to know with a software called HD Tune which will give update of your hard disk for every 2mins or as your wish. HD tune is a Hard drive utility which have many options and functions. This can be useful to measure the disk performance, errors, health status, Disk Monitor and Etc. Here’s how to protect your hard disk with a simple utility called HD Tune:

How to protect your hard disk with HD Tune – Predict errors and failures:

HD Tune has amazing Fixing Functions which will give updates of our Hard drive that what the current situation is now the hard drive is in.The main features of HD Tune are :

1) Error Scan which shows the speed map and scanning range.
2) Erases data securely which you dont need.
3) You can change power settings when doing a performance test on the drive.
4) Shows the negative CPU usage which can be fixed.
5) Fixes the compatibility issues of the Nvidea drivers and USB Sticks.
6) Erase function and lot more.
7) Works on all types of Hard disks.

I have started using the HD tune software which is simply the best among all the available softwares. You can download the trial version of HD Tune which was released in May 2010 with version HD Tune Pro 4.50 and also visit their official website.


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