Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb Free

Is it possible to convert your 1GB memory card to 2GB? Yes! You can covert your 1GB memory card to 2GB for free. We recently came across a hacking forum site, where people were praising an application which converted their 1GB memory card to 2GB for free. By going into the details, we found the application to be working fine. But not accurate in all the memory cards. We spent half day on finding out the proper way to write a review for you guys. But finally we ended up with some failures and some success. We converted 3 memory cards from 1GB to 2GB, in which 1 worked amazing and 2 cards failed terribly. We tried to fix the memory card manually, but we had access to card recovery application. You can go through the similar process of checking your luck just like we did.

Procedure to Convert your 1GB Memory Card to 2GB:

1) Make sure the card is a 1GB microSD card or something similar to it. But keep in mind that this works only in 1GB cards as far as we tried.

2) Backup all your data available in the memory card, because you goona format it now.

3) Download and open the Skimedi Fix 2GB capacity application.

4) After opening the application, you will find a small window showing the FIX and CANCEL options. Make sure to browse the correct drive when the application requests for drive location.

convert 1gb to 2gb

5) After selecting the respective drive, press on FIX and then you can observe the process of conversion. You will be asked for a conformation to agree the format or not. Click on Yes and proceed to the next step.

6) The application will now ask you to replug the device. You have to just unplug the memory stick and put it back. Now you can obverse the size increased to 2GB from 1GB. Just check the properties of the memory card if you are not sure.

upgrading 1gb card

7) Put the memory card in any of your device to check the capacity. It should accept to take more than 1GB of data when you try to upload into it. This will confirm your upgrade to be successful.

Note: You might see the space with odd numbers like 1912mb or 1839mb, don’t panic, these metrics depend on the memory card. Just put your stuff into it and check for conformation.

Sometimes you might face some issues like Parameter Error while copying the files, this means your memory card is not successfully upgraded. Recheck it once again and confirm the upgradation. Even if your memory card is not getting that 2GB capacity, you can still exchange it for a new one with any local dealer by showing the capacity. So anyway you are not losing anything from this.

We recommend you to check out this card recovery application for further help.

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  1. hayate ayasaki says:


    nice tool it works for my 1 gb memory card
    at first i have many doubts of changing
    but when i finished
    my capacity changed
    from 995mb to 1.79 gb
    whoo thats amazing!!!

    thank you very much!!!

  2. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. worked on my memory card…

  3. why i can convert for 2 times?

  4. wow! Ds is so amazing. Mine is frm 975mb to 1.89. Tnx vry much!

  5. is it possible to convert 2gb to 3gb using this application?

  6. its not working if i formatted again it is 949mb only

  7. Its changed only showing capacity but not increase size really.

  8. It not really change capacity!!

  9. Yes, above comment is true…

  10. suleiman says:

    i real love everything and is now working thank guy have a nice day

  11. hello Mr satish
    ski medi software is good but where is its downloading link
    pls i need this software ….pls provide me the link i would be great thankfull u

  12. Rithypul says:

    Hello Mr Satish
    so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but
    You can post up 2Gb to 4Gb cuz it very nice software .
    Thanks u 4 this software

  13. abdigani says:

    thanks bro u da man

  14. It only changes the size in properties…not the real capacity …chk urself…!!!

  15. xDRanz says:

    i have a new memory card and try this on my memory card it can be at risk

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