The Best Social Networks to help Blog Promotion

Blog promotion is an endless discussion, with hundreds of ideas coming up all the time, but few of them work for a long time where you can make a good network around you, apart from promoting your blog. This article will list a few places that can be used to get the best value and promotion of a blog. The social networks not just are always helpful in making friends, but also to promote your blog and posts that you think are worth being spread.

Best Social Networks to help Blog Promotion

facebook logo

Facebook by far is probably one of the best social medias available to this day, sign up here and get your blog recognized fast as the more followers that sign up to follow the better this type of program will work to promote the blog. Here it isn’t just the profile pages where you can do the promotion, but Facebook also has the fan pages feature where you can exclusively build up the fan base.

twitter logoNext social monster is Twitter. Sign up and get an account and then start broadcasting through tweets about the new blog that you have created. Twitter is a very user friendly source and works a lot like facebook, but here the things are a little different. The traffic you get from here depends usually on the time range and on how many people might be actually reading that tweet which you sent.

yahoo groupsThird on the list should be Yahoo Groups, this is also a very great way to get the blog out there and give it the attention it needs. Using Yahoo Groups set up a group and then send out emails to people of other groups just like yours to have them follow your blog. Yahoo Groups works pretty good just be advised it may take a little bit more work than the two mentioned above.

YouTube – It can also be used as a social giant to the advantage of the new blog. Youtube videos can be spread virally on other social networks and it isn’t hard to get well spread if you have got some good ideas on making the videos and if they are well catchy.

The Best Social Networks to help Blog Promotion

Another newer form that has entered the market is Red Gage this works a lot like you tube however here they allow the user to set up an account and then place a link onto the network. This is also a very good way to get the blog recognized and once the blog gets famous that could allow the blog to even earn a small compensation. And it is a little more beneficial, as it pays the bloggers to post their content on the social network.

Orkut earlier was a great place to run around and spread your content, but now everyone calls it a spam zone, just like Myspace. So I thought not to include them in the list. There are many other social networks on the web that can help with the blog promotion, but the ones mentioned above work the best.

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