A Complete Guide On How To Use Warkeys Tool In DotA Online

Are you a new user to Warkeys? Or in that case Dota? No problem I’m gonna give you a step by step tour to getting you started on how to use warkeys.Your usage of warkeys is entirely upto you.You can either use it to remap your hero-hotkeys or you can remap your inventory keys or even both.I’ll leave that upto you to decide, whatever comforts you the most. I use warkeys to remap my inventory keys only. You can remap your hero keys and use it if you wish. I totally recommend you to use warkeys to customize your inventory keys as it improves your game dramatically and makes you less handicapped if your playing on a machine without warkeys especially if your playing for a clan in a competition and you are restricted from using warkeys (Which is impossible, as most of the competitions host DotA allowing its players to customize their settings, just considering the worst case scenario)

1)Install Warkeys.

2) After Your done Installing. You will come across two important icons,

– Autowarkey(Used to remap your inventory keys)
– Warkeys(Used to remap your hero-hotkeys)
I’ve highlighted them, you can have a look,I’m gonna explain you how to use these both.

Now how to use Warkeys (For remapping hero-hotkeys) :

First open warkeys (with the icon having keys). You will then come across few options.

Align to Grid-This is a default way to align and remap your hero’s skills. This will align your hero spells to grid that is :

First Line of the GridΒ  : Q W E R
Second Line of the Grid : A S D F
Third Line of the GridΒ  : Z X C V (The hero spells 1st,2nd,3rd,and ultimate).
Have a look at the picture to make things clear

The next option is “Set keys to default”, this button sets your hero’s skills to default,just in case you are messed up using or lost, hit this option to restore all your keys back to normal.

Finally after your done setting up your hotkeys, don’t forget to save them. I hope you have understood how the grid works.Now lets get on with inventory hotkey remapping.

How to use AutoWarkey( For remapping inventory hotkeys):

You can remap your inventory, like I’ve shown in the pictures.For example I aligned the first slot of inventory to the hotkey “1”. That means I just need to press the key “1” to use the item that is placed in the first slot of my inventory, Yes! It is as simple as that. Now your completely set to play with your autowarkey. Your done with remapping your inventory slots.Now lets get to know how to run chat messages such as calling out “Miss” to your allies,spamming -clear in the game to rid your screen from the texts etc.

Just so you’d know. You might experience some technical difficulties as the script may pause sometimes. Its is less likely to appear unless you are pausing script unintentionally by hitting the scroll-lock key. If this happens there’s nothing to worry.Just minimize the game.Right click on the tray icon for autowarkey (The green ogre), and click “Reload this script”. This will restore your script and everything will work just fine and you can continue with your game.

Click Here to Download Warkeys : Download Warkeys- (12.4 MB)

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