How to link fanpage to Facebook profile – Employer Section

Do you know that we can link facebook employer details very easily now. We usually find some difficulties when we try to update our working position in facebook. As a employee of a particular company many of us cant find the company page that easily. Even if you can see it, you are unable to add it sometimes. Since we all have solutions to each and every problem, We can add the employer info with small tweaks, To avoid such problems, i have found a simple solution which will really solve the problem quickly. And recently I had a problem with the employer link in the work section of my Facebook profile. The link was not redirecting to the official fan page online. Instead, it was redirecting to some other page. So i have tried some steps to sort the problem.

How to link fanpage to Facebook profile – Steps to follow:

  1. Open Firefox and install Web Developer add-on for Firefox
  2. Now login to your Facebook account and go to Edit Profile > Education and Work
  3. If you have already added the Employer field which doesn’t redirect to the correct fan page then click on “Edit” link which is present beside the Employer information
  4. Now click on “Forms” menu and select “Display Form Details” from the Web Developer tool-bar
  5. how to link fanpage to Facebook profile
    Usually the problem is that the profile id of fan page is not correct so we have to replace the profile id of the correct fan page of the employer.
  6. link Facebook employer detailsIf the owner of the fan page is using a Vanity URL like then you cant see the id directly. So you can do one thing. Just right click on the profile tab pictures of the fanpage and open it in a new page where you can see your facebook fanpage id.. Or you can also see it on right clicking on the number people liked it and click as copy link location.
  7. Now replace the correct fan page id. In this case 146128128743897 and then click save.
    Now your employer link will refer to the correct fan Facebook employer details

That’s all you have to do! If you have any questions, let us know via comments below. Hope you liked our tutorial on how to link fanpage to Facebook profile!

How to link fanpage to Facebook profile – Employer Section

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