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Today i am posting the top five useful professional software’s of the month which are really useful. I have mentioned few important software categories like Mobile tools, web designing, Business management, Data backup and Security tools. Though all these software’s are shareware, they are very useful when we needed. I hope most of us will find a great use of these software’s. Try to take a look at these top 5 software’s and try installing them to experience the new phase of technology. So here goes the list.

1) YouWave : This software is used to run Android apps and App stores directly on your PC. You no need to use a phone for this. You can also download thousands of apps online via the app store. This software is very easy to use and run your android apps on your PC. It has many important features like multi-player for online games, Simulated SD card functionality which enables us to save a game, Volume control buttons and many more. It supports Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread. The current version 2.0 supports all windows operating systems and the size is around 102mb. You can download the shareware version from here : YouWave

2) Artisteer : Artisteer is a Web design automation product that creates unique themes for blogs and website templates. You don’t need to have any programming skills like HTML and CSS and you need not worry to learn Photoshop because this software will look after everything which we require to design a theme or a template. This software is easy to use. Just with few clicks you can create a unique template and Export it to Blogger, Joomla, WordPress and other CMS products or create a theme and use it for your website. The current version 3.0 supports all windows o.s and the size is 101 MB. You can download this software from below link :  Artisteer

3) Dragon Naturally Speaking : Dragon Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software. You can simply call it as voice to text converter. It is one of the world’s best speech recognition software that improves the way users interact with their computers. The new version has been redesigned so that the users can spend most of their time and energy in working and creating, rather than creating and typing. This new version allows users to perform almost any task like creating documents, send emails, instant messages, surf web, search, Facebook, Twitter and many more using your voice. You can download it from the below link : Dragon Naturally Speaking

4) Full Data Backup : This application searches your computer almost every day for any new documents, Videos, Photos and offers them for a backup. The backup provided by this software is fully automated. So you don’t need to worry about the backup every day. All you have to do is to install the software and the rest will be taken care by the software itself. This software provides unlimited backup and a top quality service. The data transfer between your computer and the Full Data Backup will take place. You can get this software from below link : FullDataBackup

5) Sandboxie : Sandboxie is used to run your programs in an isolated space so that it prevents these programs from making changes from other programs and data on your system. It also offers secure browsing experience by running your web browser under the protection of sandbox where the malicious software downloaded by the browser is trapped in the sandbox and can be deleted later. You can download the software from below link : Sandboxie

All these software’s are from different categories, but are very useful when required. I hope you have liked the post and please do ask me queries if you have any.

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