New Somoto Toolbar to Increase Your Software Download Revenues

Somoto has launched a new toolbar which is really amazing to join. The new Somoto Toolbar is very beneficial to your brand and company growth. Joining the Somoto network will be very beneficial to you generate solid revenues with your products and downloads. You can build your brand equity with the new tools from Somoto and describe your software and company effectively. The best part is you can get a active community to explore yourself and your business with like minded people.

Some of the major benefits of joining the Somoto network is you can enjoy your brand products with your own browser toolbar for free. You can customize and brand your extension software on your user’s browsers. You can increase your brand awareness by leveraging your current distribution. You can encourage your customers to help you expand by word of mouth. You can make your own software readily accessible from any browser window. Somoto will try to grow your network when you do are doing your own business. Somoto is 100% clean and safe with no spyware, no viruses and no ad-ware and totally spam free.

Some of the major benefits of Somoto Toolbar are:

  • Your can increase your revenues by monetizing both Search and eCommerce. Also you can increase premium conversion and software distribution. The best way is using your affiliate marketing program and you can also keep generating money, even if your software is pirated.
  • With Brand awareness, you can increase your exposure and give a easy access to your software to your users. You can increase your traffic and create a viral marketing distribution promotions.
  • You can always be connected even when your users are not active with the software which you are providing. You will be always available to send messages to all types of users.
  • With extended browser functionality, you can enable users to control key features of your software directly from the browser by merging your software qualities with their browsers. The easy integration will enable you to be up and running, which will not change make you change your resources.
  • You can get a industry research and get SEO and SEM reports to keep you in the competitive business. Also this will allow you to build a competitive spirit and allow you to build your leadership position.
  • Finally the essential complementary products will reduce your hosting costs and increase the serving speed by using the free hosting solution and optimizations from Somoto. You can increase your daily conversions by optimizing the landing pages designed by Somoto experts.
  • And the best part of all these features is, Somoto is completely free.

Hope you all like the new Somoto Toolbar.

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