Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Ultimate Skills Guide to Level Up a Character

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is an amazing game with over 18 individual skills to level up, with a level cap of 100 each. They are leveled through usage, that means more you use it, the more you gain experience. This actually allows you to create a unique character all in all and obviously much more powerful when you start investing your perks in a specific skill as you level up. So if you sneak around a lot from the beginning, you might just level up to 10 without killing a single enemy.

Beware that over leveling a character too early might actually auto spawn tougher opponents which might be harder to defeat if your combat skills are not leveled up. So make sure you level up your combat abilities and invest your points in health so you can take in much more damage and stay alive and fight bigger enemies. Keeping that in mind that, you need to understand Skyrim is an open game, it allows the player to create a unique character as the player desires.

So this skyrim skills guide is not about cheating, but more of an approach to a better understanding and utilization of resources. I can assure you that the details given below in the┬áskyrim skills guide are not technically cheating, they are just part of the game. So I’d say its better usage and investing more gameplay time to level up. Keeping this in mind, please enjoy the following┬áskyrim skills guide to legally or illegally level up your character. These exploits were studied by myself with over 450+ hours of Skyrim gameplay as I am a huge addict of the game, I even managed to level up my character to 78 level. So enough of bragging it’s time that I spread my knowledge to you guys .

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Skills Guide:

skyrim skills guideLight Armor

There is no actual way of cheating when it comes to Light armor, so prepare to level up the way the game wants you to ( combat, training or learning from the training books).Equip yourself with Light armor, buy some light bracers,armor,helmet and gloves. You have to keep in mind that while leveling up, the quantity of experience gained is proportional to the damage you take. So letting yourself be bitten by few rodents a million times isn’t worthwhile. Instead, it’s best to let yourself get hammered by high level enemies who deal great amounts of damage.


skyrim skills guideHeavy Armor:

Heavy armor is same as Light armor. Equip yourself with Heavy Armor apparels, buy some light bracers, armor, helmet and gloves. You have to keep in mind that while leveling up, the quantity of experience gained is proportional to the damage you take. So letting yourself be bitten by few rodents a million times isn’t worthwhile. Instead, it’s best to let yourself get hammered by high level enemies who deal great amounts of damage.

One Handed Weapon:

One really cheap and nasty tactic to level up your character is to equip your character with a one handed weapon and start attacking the NPC’s that you come across in different parts of the game. The riverwood traders, and many other shopkeepers actually cannot be killed, although you can hurt them. Their HP can be lowered upto 1 hp but after that, they will kneel in front of you and start regenerating and continue attacking you again. They can’t deal much damage to you so don’t worry about getting yourself killed.So watch out for the guards as it’s hard to kill them at the beginning of the game and would attract lots of unnecessary bounty on your head.

skyrim skills guide

Two Handed Weapon:

Same as One handed, but give your character a two handed sword or any other weapon. Later on when you are done with the companion quests. You could train yourself in this skill by talking to Vilkas of the companions and buy some skills. Later ask him to follow you and tell him you need to trade some things with him and take back your money you just paid him. This trick won’t work if you have updated your skyrim patch to 1.5.

skyrim skills guide

Source: PC Gamer


The thing about sneak is that, its not refrained to just enemies, you can sneak over a wolf, dragon, humans,deer or in that case even a chicken would do. You can sneak as you wander across the map and actually level up by avoiding detection. And you can feel free to boost that score as high as you’d like. You can also stealth out behind your friends and attack to level your “Sneak” skill too.I know, I know this is a really cheap way around the game to level up your character, but it works. You are rewarded with skill points or experience when you are not detected by anyone around while you are sneaking, so the more people won’t notice you, the faster your sneak skill is leveled. So consider using the spell muffle while your sneaking as this will help you level up sneak and illusion skills.

skyrim skills guide


If you need the leveling needle to move faster you need to take lots of damage during a hit, not how many times you are hit. So equip yourself with that shield and go fight a big enemy, your block skill will shoot up depending on how much damage you have blocked. I suggest you do this when you are around level 20 in the game when you have invested level up points in health to tank up and take that damage. The better the armor of the shield, the more damage it blocks, so search for the best shield and start blocking that heavy damage. You need not kill the enemy, just disturb it from its peace and force it to attack you, all you have to do is block, block and block. Just timing and precision blocking when your enemy is landing a blow. In about 5-10 minutes you could actually level up by 5. Go on try it.

skyrim skills guide


The best way to level pickpocketing is to live like a thief. More the value of the stolen items the easier it is for you to get caught stealing it. Find the pickpocket trainers-Ahkari Dawnstar in Windhelm (Journeyman), Silda the Unseen in Windhelm (Expert), and Vipir the Fleet of the Thieves Guild (Master) — and buy some training. Then, use your new pickpocketing skill to steal the money which you paid them back. Repeat til your 100. Let us show them that thieves have no honor. Period.

skyrim skills guide


I got one and only one trick for you to level up this skill to 100. Get the spell muffle, you need to buy the skillbook from a mage (Dragonsreach). Equip muffle in one hand, its obvious that you’d be wandering half the time in the game so, keep spamming muffle and it will increase to 100 in about 3-4 hours. It works with Clairvoyance as well, but that spell uses a lot more Magicka.

skyrim skills guide


Here’s an awesome little exploit that takes advantage of Skyrim’s dual-spell casting mechanic. Set the spell Equilibrium on your left hand (you can buy the spellbook from the mage in Whiterun) and a healing spell on the right hand. Equilibrium converts Health to Magicka and Healing does Vice Versa. Both skills are simultaneously leveled up.Too bad it doesn’t work if you updated your patch. In specific if you’d like to max the Restoration, go disturb a mountain troll, let it attack you and you just keep hitting that button to heal yourself. You might have to take in a lot of damage, so try equipping yourself with fast healing( 75 hp per cast). Find a tome of Telekinesis spellbook and reduce the alteration spell expenses using enchanting materials on leather armor. Chillax at your place and simply “levitate a bowl” for a while til it makes you happy.


This is another Skyrim skill that doesn’t seem to have a boosting exploit, so you’ll have to do the hardwork to get this one up to par. Buy any iron ore, a leather hide and a few leather straps, mass produce iron daggers and sell them back to the vendors. But if you have updated your skyrim to 1.5 you actually need to smith costlier weapons to level up faster.

skyrim skills guideLockpicking:

Not much of cheating in lockpicking, although Skyrim does provide tonnes of locked chests,cases and doors to level up your skill. All you need to do is get yourself the Skeleton Key, an unbreakable lockpick, gained through completing Thieves Guild quests. Once you have that, it’s a matter of just finding enough locks to pick. Skyrim’s museums are good choices, as the display cases are locked.. Once you get the skeleton key, making lock-picking easier doesn’t make much sense. So if you want to max up this skill, make sure you complete all the quests in Riten, because most of the quests deal with lockpicking doors and chests.


Get lots of cheap weapons. Loot as many dead bodies as possible, pick them up from vendors, etc. Got to Whiterun and buy every filled soul gem from the wizard. Use his enchanting table to add the “Banish” spell to all your cheap weapons. Sell them back to the Whiterun wizard. When he runs out of money, wait a couple days, then repeat the whole process again.

skyrim skills guideAlchemy:

Its not easy to find ingredients for alchemy, its rather boring and hard, so go to Whiterun, where two enchanting shops are right across the street from each other. Buy every ingredient available and start making potions. Sell these potions back to shopkeepers, you must probably be making a good profit here. Wait a few days for the stores to re-stock, then repeat the process all over again . Alchemy and super hot cash both at once! If you want to be really obnoxious, break into these Alchemy shops and steal any or all the ingredients you need.


The best way to level speech is through transactions with vendors. Your skill is boosted for each individual item sold, so never sell more than one of anything at a time. The best items to sell are Daggers. Go to a blacksmith and buy the ingredients to make daggers and craft as many as you can. If you really want to level as many skills as possible, enchant each and every dagger too. You get money, enchanting , blacksmithing and speech skills all leveled up at once !Do this til you are level 25 speech. Travel to Riften and talk to the barkeep at the black briar meadery,talk to him about the black briar and “persuade” him. Do this for a while, and you’ll be level 100 in no time.


Get hold of the spell “Soul Trap.” Then, kill something. Then, stand over its corpse and case this spell as many times as you can. Keep doing this again and your conjuration will skill up.


Don’t ever try this in real life. Find a fire trap in a dungeon. There are a lot of them. Ready a healing spell (I suggest you have a fast healing spell). Then, stand on the pressure plate and allow the flames to overtake you. Heal yourself as the flames take your health. Watch your magica bar as you might run out of it and burn yourself to death. Mountain trolls are gonna laugh over you.


Use flames or sparks to level your destruction, you can level off of the NPC you choose in the beginning of the game or attacking the companion during initiation trial into the companions circle by casting flames on him, this will work trust me.And also Using fire rune later on(gives the most experience until 75), you can also attack your horse when the game is set to master difficulty but be certain to heal the horse. Once 75, buy incinerate and spam it like mad on your horse while healing the poor thing back to health.

skyrim skills guideArchery:

Here’s a sneaky archery exploit: If you complete the Dark Brotherhood quests, you will be rewarded with a horse called Windmere. He has a lot of health, and it regenerates pretty quickly, so you can lay into him with as many arrows as you’d like. Your loyal horse won’t even attack you back. This is a terrible thing to do to your horse, but hey! its just a game and a great way to level your archery. Or you could hire Aela the huntress from the companions , buy skills from her, tell you need to trade some things with her and take back your money you just spent.

That’s it, if you try to master these skills in the game, you will surely level up very soon and take out enemies very quickly. I hope our Skyrim Skills Guide have helped you in understanding the game well. If you have queries on Skyrim, you can leave your comment below. I would be happy to help you guys. I hope you will make your friends to read our Skyrim skills guide.


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