How to Find & Add Your Ignored or Hidden Friend Requests in Facebook

Were you searching to add ignored friend requests in Facebook this 2012 ? If so, then here is the solution for it. Usually when some one send us a friend request in Facebook, we accept it if we know them or we click on ignore to add them later. But mostly, we don’t find where these ignored friend requests are stored. This is the common problem many people faced. For example, if some one has sent you a friend request in Facebook and you don’t want to add them now. We just click on ignore and then later we try to add them again. But you will never find them in any of your Account Options or Privacy Options. The only thing we can do is to wait until they send again. Usually Facebook pops up these ignored friend requests weekly once or when ever your friends resend it to your account.

How to Find Ignored Friend Requests in Facebook:

Most of us also use some unwanted scripts and Addons like Unfriend finder and etc. These scripts will not serve your need but infact irritate you to the core. So relax and just follow the simple steps to add your ignored friend requests in facebook. Also if you want to know who unfriended you or who ignored you, you can still find them at Unknown Awesome Facebook And Google Scripts You Must Have.

Step 1: Log into your Facebook Account and You can see Friends requests, Messages, Notifications on the extreme left of the top side bar.

Step 2: Just Click on Friend Request, You can find a option called See all Friend Requests. Just click on it.

ignored friend requests in facebook

Step 3: After click that you will be redirected to a page with hidden Friend Requests and group conformations. Just click on Hidden Requests and you can find your ignored friend requests.

ignored friend requests in facebook

Step 4:  Now, you can either Confirm them as your friends or ignore them by not doing anything. You can also delete the request so that they wont send you again.

Hope this helped people who really were searching to add ignored friend requests in facebook. If you still have any queries regarding this, you can always ask us via comments or start a conversation in our Facebook Group. If you were one among them who were waiting to add all your ignored friend requests in facebook then you got it.

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