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There are many Anti theft Tools to recover your lost gadgets. If you are one among those people who always fear of losing your Laptop, Mobile or Tablet, then don’t worry. we got a amazing way to recover them before it’s too late. We have found out some Anti Theft Tools and applications for your gadgets. These Anti Theft Tools can trace your missing gadget instantly. And don’t worry of losing them anytime, because you can actually find them with exact location on the map in seconds.We usually spend a lot of money in buying our gadgets. We save so much of valuable information in our Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets that we cannot afford to lose them. Usually when we lost our gadget, we first worry about the data in it.Some of the Anti Theft tools which we mentioned below will have the capability of storing your data online. Even if the device is not with you, you can still delete the data existing in the device.

Portable Devices Anti theft Tools

If you are one among those people, who prefer making a backup of your chances to lose your device, then follow this article carefully. Because it will certainly help you in getting them back.And if you have lost any of your device, i say its not a big problem. You can get your devices back to you in just 1 click. You can actually find them and track their movements. You can also know who is using it and where exactly it is located. I guess you might have already been wondering that, all these tools are very expensive and why do I need it in my gadget.

Well, let me tell you the amazing fact that, all the tools and applications which we are mentioning below are completely free. CoolPCTips has always focused on free tools and applications from the past. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start our features on portable devices anti theft tools with mobiles.

Portable Devices Anti theft Tools to Find Your Lost Mobile Phone: Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

1) If you are using a Android Phone and want to protect your phone from theft, then one of the best ways is by installing a application called Avast Mobile Security. This app uses the Anti theft Security process, which will allow you to find your mobile in seconds. This free android application when enabled will go into a invisible mode and is impossible to deactivate or detect by anyone. With one SMS command, you can delete the complete history of the phone and lock it down. It is featured to make big siren alarms once you have activated the application. You can also track the location of the phone by using PGN service, Find out more info at : avast ! Mobile Security

Anti Theft Tools

2) Just like the above Avast Mobile Security application, there is another amazing app called Anti Droid Theft. This application will track down your mobile via GPS and will enable the camera to take pictures of person who is currently using the phone and will send you the pictures via mail. You can download this app here : Anti Droid Theft

3) If you think that the person who stole your phone will replace your SIM with another one and use the mobile, then you have to install SIM watcher Pro. This application when installed will notify the replaced number by sending you a SMS. You should make sure to give at least 1 number as recipient. You can download this app here : SIM Watcher Pro

4) If you want a complete protection to your mobile, then try installing the Lookout Security and Antivirus application. Even if your phone GPRS is off, you can still get the notifications of the mobile location via Google mappings.

Anti Theft Tools

5) If you are using a Windows Mobile, then you track the phone by checking the options to Settings -> Find My Phone  -> Save my Location Every Few Hours. Later you can login  to www.windowsphone.com  and track the phone via My Phone -> Find my Phone. You can also lock your phone with this feature.

6) If you are using a Blackberry phone, then try installing Blackberry Protect. You can trace your phone in minutes, and also store the backup in a cloud automatically.

Still there are many more Anti Theft Tools like above mentioned apps. But most of them are paid. We will try to make  another review with all those needed apps (free).

Portable Devices Anti theft Tools to Find Your Lost Mobile Laptop: Netbook, Notebook

1) We usually lose hope to get back a lost laptop. Well, you can actually get it back if you are using Locate My Laptop software. This is a free service provided by LocateMyLaptop. You have to just become a member and install the application tool in your laptop. The tool automatically goes into a invisible mode and keeps track of everything where your laptop is carried to. The free 15 days trail will give you complete access to all the features and options available. This tool will send you regular notifications on each and every day. From the monitor center, you can trace and mark the location of your laptop, notebook or net book. You can also recover the information by remote access recovery method. You can also delete the important information if your laptop is lost.

Anti Theft Tools

2) If you want to trace the location of your laptop via browser add-on, then go to Loki. You have to set your location from Find Me tab.

3) Adeona is another amazing tool by the open source community. This is the first time they introduced a tracking tool called Adeona. You can install this tool in Linux, Mac, Windows operating systems.

Portable Devices Anti theft Tools to find your tablet:

1) Tablet is the most recent revolutionary gadget of 2011-12. Recently many popular tablets had people’s attention on them. If you want to trace your tablet from any part of the world, then try installing Prey Anti Theft tool. This android application will allow you to track your tablet via Wi-Fi and GPS networks. It will also notify you via SMS if anyone has tried to replace the SIM.

2) Similar to the above tool, there is another application called Norton Anti Theft Plugin. This amazing tool was designed by Norton Antivirus. This tool is complete free of cost. You can lock, locate and find the lost tablet. With the remote lockdown option, you can stop others to use your lost tablet.

Anti Theft Tools

You can track your Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or anything with a fabulous tool called RestSafe. This tool was designed by Open Source Community. You can track your devices via Wi-Fi, GPS locations. The tool will automatically enable the camera and take pictures of the person who is currently using it. The specialty of this tool is, it will automatically detect a Wi-Fi hotspot zone and connect to internet and interact with you.   You can also try Lock it Tight software which will help you to take screenshots of the operations made in your laptop. It will take screenshots of what currently the user is doing in the lappy at present. You can find out which application is being used by key logging feature.

Portable Devices Anti theft Tools to find your iOS devices:                 

1) If you are using OS X Lion operating system in your Mac book, then you have to install the iCloud application. If someone has stolen your Mac, you can find it by using your Apple ID. You have to just enable the Find My Mac option in your iCloud account. Just log into the site and enable the options to find your missing Mac. You can also Remote Lock your mac and delete the data in your drive.

2) If you are using a iPhone, you can find your iPhone by clicking Find My iPhone and if iPad, the Find My iPad option will do your job. Once your are the member of the iCloud site, you have to select the apple devices which you own. Later you can track, find them when lost. To be a member of iCloud site, you have to register at www.icloud.com with your apple id.

It is a old saying that “Prevention is better than cure”. So it’s better to install these tools in your devices, before it’s too late. If you have installed these tools in your drive, you can just stay relaxed and wait for the device to come back to your at early stage. It’s always a better to stay attentive to protect your devices from being robbed or lost. Leave a comment below if you have any queries on this list of Portable Devices Anti theft Tools.

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