Amazon’s Smartphone Revealed – Has 6 Cameras!

Almost ever since Amazon entered the tablet game with the fantastic Kindle Fire series, there’s been talk of a smartphone from the e-commerce and electronics giant. The recent Amazon Fire TV launch only shows how serious they are about expanding into other markets, and some pretty trusted sources say that the Amazon Smartphone isn’t too far away either. We’re pretty sure about a couple of things, about what OS it will use and what segment it will target, but a recent leak brought some very interesting developments to light. BGR got their hands on a prototype of the phone, and the first thing(s) you’ll notice are the six cameras, five on the front! Here’s what we know about the much talked about Amazon Smartphone!

Amazon's Smartphone Revealed 1

Picture Courtesy: BGR

The Amazon Smartphone – What’s Special?

Apparently, the smartphone pictured is one of two that are currently in development. This is the higher cost phone, with a more affordable one set to release after it, that will pack in lower specs at an extremely affordable price. That’s not to say that the one you see now won’t be affordable, it’s supposed to go head to head with the current midrange king, the Moto X. For now, we know that the Amazon Smartphone will have 2 GB RAM, a 4.7 inch 720P screen and an unknown Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which puts it pretty much on par with its competition. It will run on a forked version of Android, just like the Kindle Fire tablet series, and will feature a completely new interface along with the host of Amazon services.

Amazon's Smartphone Revealed 2

Picture Courtesy: BGR

This is where it gets really interesting. according to most sources, Amazon spent most of its time developing a radical new user interface, hence the six cameras you see above. One of the cameras is your usual rear facing shooter, one is the front facing snapper and the other 4 on each corner of the phone will help map a user’s face and eyes, to incorporate glasses free 3D. These four cameras are supposed to be low powered infrared sensors, so they shouldn’t affect battery life too much. While the glasses free 3D isn’t anything new, having been implemented in the HTC EVO 3D and the Nintendo 3DS already, Amazon is pushing to integrate it with almost every aspect of the phone so that it doesn’t seem like a gimmick. Along with the user interface and wallpaper, expect to see 3D product views on the Amazon Store. There’s also talk of enhancing key third party apps with this interface. The phone should be announced sometime in the next month or two and be available in the Summer, and initially only in the United States. So what do you think of this new phone? Gimmick or something really special?


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