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Windows 8.1 Review – Everything You Need To Know

They say, you need to keep reinventing yourself to stay relevant and have to take risks to survive in a cutthroat market. Microsoft did just that by introducing Windows 8, a completely different operating system that changed a lot of things that people were used to since

How to Convert MBR To GPT Disk Without Losing Data

Windows 8 made the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) popular. It’s basically a replacement of the age old BIOS, and provides the basic interface between the operating system and the device firmware. By providing a more accessible, user friendly and secure boot environment, UEFI gave users peace

How To Reduce PC Startup Time in 5 Easy Ways

One of the biggest changes Windows 8 brought with it is fast boot. Windows 8 boots up noticeably faster than its predecessors because of better resource management and is known to drastically reduce startup time even on older computers. Even though the OS itself is responsible for

Must Have Windows Phone 8 Apps – Part 2

Earlier in the year we listed out some must have apps for Windows Phone 8. Specifically, there were 11 of them on our list, and by no means was it definitive. These couple of months have brought us some new apps as well as updates that finally
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