Win an 8GB USB Drive Every Month – Top Commentators Contest

CoolPCTips is now giving away 8GB USB drives for top commentators of the month. We will calculate the number of comments made by all commentators every month. The two people with the highest comments will win the USB drives. These rules are strictly to be followed:


1) The comment should not be spam.
2) Any comment below 10 words will not be considered.
3) Comment should be relevant to the topic.
4) Hatred or abuse is strictly prohibited.
5) Respect each others comments.
6) Do not respond to or start a flame war.
7) Comments should not be repeated with same text and info.
8) The top commentator should have minimum 20 comments to qualify.

You can check out your comments score at the bottom of the site, and also we will update the information every week in our Facebook groups and pages. The top commentator will be announced on the last day of month and will be sent a 8GB USB drive ASAP via courier. Comments on any article are eligible for consideration.


Winners for the month of July: Pavan Somu