Change your Windows Look with Amazing Interface – New Rainmeter Themes

Its more than just obvious that you guys are using the standard windows operating system which was given by default. If you are using a customized desktop, that’s good, well if you don’t then read on. This post is gonna help you pimp your desktop the way you want by using Rainmeter. First of all you need to get yourself Rainmeter, it is an open source software that allows you to customize your desktop without any restrictiveness. It might not be used by everyone, but only the people who are bored with the same old desktop and who like to spice up their desktop to add that feel good interface with interactivity. So lets get started with Rainmeter, you can download it Rainmeter.

We will show you the step by step installation of Rainmeter and also how to use the Rainmeter to customize your desktop.

1) Install Rainmeter.
2) Once you’re done with the installation, run Rainmeter.
3) When Rainmeter opens, your desktop should look something like this

Rainmeter Themes

4) You’ll see lot of boxes, that give you some details about you system, time, date, download speed etc.If you don’t need a specific box to be displayed, you can simply unload it by right clicking on the box and choosing unload skin.

Rainmeter Themes

5) You can now move the boxes anywhere around your desktop and place them anywhere you like.

That’s is, you are done with setting up your Rainmeter. Now all you need is few Rainmeter Themes. You can find Rainmeter themes in a lot of websites. For example,

Deviantart: Rainmeter Themes

Since Rainmeter is based completely on visual elements and GUI. Most of the developers and users belong to the deviantart community. Here’s a link to browse the themes that might interest you – Deviantart Rainmaker Themes.

NOTE: While you are looking for those eye catchy themes, make sure you download only those themes which have comments enabled, so read the comments, watch what the other users have got to say about it and once you’re convinced that the theme is legit. You may download it. There have been reports that some of the users have been spreading viruses around that are pretty nasty. They include malwares that actually pretend to be themes, but are actually binary viruses that take control of your computers registries and what not. Also make sure that you don not run any .exe files.

Sorry if this scares you, but since it is a community and bad people exist, CoolPCTips is concerned about your computer’s safety and your integrity.Apart from that there is nothing to worry. Rainmeter Themes

Another popular community for Rainmeter skins, Get them here.

Lifehacker: Rainmeter Themes

Many of the Favorite and widely used themes are displayed on Lifehacker, you can get them from here.

The Official Rainmeter Forum:

Lot of Rainmeter users and developer post their works of themes on the official forums, get them from here.

Apart from giving you sources, CoolPCTips will give you our very own Favorited themes that might interest you.

The Ironman HUD Interface Theme 

Rainmeter Themes

This is one of my very own favorite themes on Rainmeter. You can download it here.


Rainmeter Themes

Another one from our side, its got all the important things that you’ll be needing. You can get Gnometer  from here.


Rainmeter Themes

It is a pretty exquisite theme that you will definitely love. You can get Enigma from here. Hope you guys have enjoyed this post, stay subscribed to us for more cool stuff like Rainmeter Themes in future.

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