Google Docs Are Now Available in G+ Hangouts To All Users

Google has been seriously working on the Docs integration, various features and extensions from the past few months. Google is also working on the G+ Hangouts to collaborate different plugins and extension to make things more easier to the end user. Google Hangouts are extremely popular in different parts of the world, as it embedded amazing effects, screen sharing options for free of cost. It is a perfect place for smaller teams to conduct conference meetings in a lively environment. Similarly a lot of people share documents, presentations via emails or any third party services to get things done easily. With the amazing Google Hangouts collaboration to Google Docs, this might be a lot easier for all the existing and news hangout users.

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Google Docs Are Now Available in G+ Hangouts:

Google Hangouts have already integrated the regular video, audio conferences to high quality in the past. But now Google hangout participants can also upload and share their Google Docs to all existing Google Hangout users at a time, in fact they can edit them collaboratively as the meeting progresses. You can find this feature by hosting a random Hangout connection and clicking on the new Docs button inside your Hangout. Also find that you can

  • Add any existing document from your Google Docs account, or even upload a new one from your local drive.
  • Check out the uploaded documents in the left side of the window.
  • Choose to switch between and collaboratively edit multiple documents at once.

Google has added the Docs integration as a preview feature along with screen sharing and sketchpad since last year. With this new integration, Google is expecting a lot of new users to stick with the hangout features in a full fledged way.

Google Docs Now Available in G+ Hangouts

Sharing this information online, Robin Schriebman from Google have mentioned that

Google+ community has used it for all sorts of awesome — from trip planning and lecture notes to doodling and charades. Today I’m happy to announce that we’re graduating Google Docs to the core Hangouts experience for all users.

There are many such small teams who work in various organizations, making Google hangouts as their primary source of conference meetings. Adding this feature to the Google hangouts will surely help many people to work in both professional and personal ways. Hope this new feature from Google will be more beneficial for people in future. Please let us know views about this new integration from Google hangouts.


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