How to Change Language Preferences and Keyboard Settings in Windows 8

Many of us install windows 8 with default language settings in the windows installation menu. This could be a costly mistake, as most of us don’t know how to change the language settings to English (United States) or any other preferred language you wanted it to be. Mostly Windows 8 will use the default keyboard and language settings to United Kingdom, which has a complete different set of keyboard alignment and buttons. As this is little tricky to understand, we are writing a detailed post on how to change language preferences and keyboard settings in Windows 8.

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How to Change Language Preferences and Keyboard Settings in Windows 8

Follow these simple steps to change your keyboard settings to a default language without formatting the PC again.

Step 1: Hover on the left corner of your screen to bring the Settings panel, and click on the Search button.

Step 2: Click on Settings below Apps option, and enter Language in the search box.

language settings

Step 3: Click on Add a Language to open Language Preferences tab.

changing language preferences

Step 4: Here you can see the default language which comes with the Windows 8 installation.

Step 5: Click on Add a Language to select a preferred language.

language prefered languages

Step 6: You can see a list of preferred country languages in the selected language. Just select your preferred language and click on Add.

select prefernce languages

Step 7: Now click on your selected language and click on options.

selecting languages in windows 8

Step 8: Now click on Make this the primary language and log off your computer as asked.

language options

Step 9: Click on Add a input method and select QWERTY English (India) to select the keyboard type.

qwerty input method

Step 10: Click on Add to install the input method and click on Save.

Step 11: If you are cannot see the Step 7 options in your Windows 8 PC, then click on Download and install language pack to add the input method.

download language package

Step 12:  Here we are installing a local Indian language package to our Windows 8 PC as an example. Click on Download and you can see a Download and Install Updates box instantly.

download and install language package

Step 13: Click on the Okay button after the installation and add a input method to make this language as your primary language.

You can always select your previous languages as primary settings in future. The procedure is same for all the languages and input methods in Windows 8. We hope this tutorial helped you to change your keyboard and language preferences easily. Let us know your queries in the below section.

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