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Top 5 Awesome To-Do List Managers on Android

Mobile phones have become more than just communication tools over the last 2 decades or so. From being just a portable telephone, they’ve grown into powerful mini computers that actually boost productivity (or the other way round, depends on how you use it) and make your day

Top 5 4G LTE Smartphones in India Under 10,000 INR

4G LTE is the next generation of mobile networks, and the successor to 3G. Although originally introduced around late 2009, it started becoming popular only in 2011 or so, and is finally making its way into India. Airtel users in cities like Kolkata and Pune have had

Top 10 Upcoming PC, Xbox One and PS4 Games of 2015

A short while ago, we covered the top 10 upcoming PC games, Xbox One games and PlayStation 4 games of 2015. It’s been almost half a year since, and we’ve seen a lot of the games we mentioned on all three platform lists release. A few games were pushed and one

Top 10 Smartphones Under Rs. 30,000

The smartphone market in India is chock full of options at every price point. Manufacturers often release or re-release phones with minor changes and end up confusing the consumer (we’re looking at you, HTC) or simply price phones incorrectly, making people think that they’re paying for better
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