Facebook Introduces Desi Chumbak Stickers

Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Gtalk are the best ways to connect with loved ones. Hours of chatting are immense fun and smiles help enhance the chat by expressing yourself. To have a better enjoyable experience, Facebook has added a streak of desiness to itself! The so called ‘Chumbak Expressions pack’ is a whole set of Indian stickers, with Indian Words and day to day lingo.

Craze of stickers and rich emoticons has made the makers of quirky Indian souvenirs ‘Chumbak’ to walk into this trend. Chumbak has Launched its first online product as Facebook stickers. The Chumbak stickers can be downloaded for free on Facebook apps and messenger. Varied stickers have come out with different expressions and phrases. These stickers are appealed for people who would like to communicate in a certain local lingo. Grabbing frequently used phrases and expressions Chumbak stickers have been launched for the Facebook users.

facebook chumbak stickers

Greet and wish people with your favorite lingo and with super cool pictures accompanying it! Facebook users can send different stickers from the ‘Chumbak Expressions’ pack like ‘Oye’ , ‘bheja mat kha’ or a very aunty-ish, ‘Any Good News’. They are available to be downloaded and used on your Facebook page. The best news is that they are absolutely free. Connect with friends in the most Indianish way possible.

Don’t know how to get to the sticker store? Open a chat window, click on the option ‘choose an emoticon’ with a smiley face. A small window will pop up with a basket to the upper right side corner. Click on this and hit the free button and your stickers will download. These customized stickers will be available on your messaging app instantly for use.

chumbak's expressions

No more loss of words! Express yourself in a desi way. Facebook has around 80 million users in India out of which a third are regular messenger users. Stickers have been extremely popular in India, which have prompted almost all messenger companies to add them to the line-up. Though there are some popular global themes all companies now ensure a good amount of Indian content available too.

The recent Bollywood movie Krrish 3 (superhero science fiction film series) is the first Indian film for launching Facebook stickers, inspired by the characters in the movie. However ‘Chumbak expressions’ are more interesting and engaging the Facebook users, considering the daily expressions and lingo for conversing with friends.

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