How To Find The Real IP Address Of Your Windows Computer

As i have observed from many people that they think that there computer IP address and Internet IP are Same.But the Fact is that they are both different.If you are on a Home Network or a Work Network and using a switch then your computer NIC is assigned to local IP address.
When you access internet from your computer behind a switch and chek your IP address at you will get a IP address which is the address of the router(provided by your ISP) but not your computer address.
The Original IP address of your computer can be found only when you connect directly to your computer without any switches or etc. As we all the know the differences between IP address and a computer IP now lets us see how we ca find the IP address of a computer.
We can find the IP address in three ways:

1) From Command Prompt:
Open your command prompt using Win + R and type cmd and press Enter. Now type ipconfig in the command prompt

If your computer has more than one NIC adapter we can we all the IP address of the NIC’s using ipconfig command as done earlier.

Now type ipconfig/all in the command prompt which will show all the network adapter settings. Now you can see the IP address information of connected Nic’s. I am not showing you the screenshot because of Hacking Threats.

2) From Windows GUI

If you feel uncomfortable with Command prompt you can see the IP address through GUI. To see in a easy way type ncpa.cpl in the Run (win + r). Right click on the Lan icon and select status.
Now press the support tab and click on the details button.
Now you can see the IP address assigned to NIC.

3) SIW Utility

Just Download SIW which doesn’t require any installation. Just Unzip it. Now double click on siw.exe and navigate to Hardware section and click on Network adapters. Here you can see all the network adapters installed on your computers. To find the active NIC, look at the status field whether connected or not.Just below that you can view the assigned Ip address.

Now Remember one thing that computers dont have IP address but NIC will. And its possible to have more than IP address assigned for use with your computer.

Note: For more IP address details u can search from the site If you enter your domain name, it will show your IP address along with the route map. It is very useful to get IP details in free of cost.


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