Windows 8 Pro pricing – Everything you need to know

Windows 8 is finally available for purchase in India and around the world. To entice customers, Microsoft has priced its brand new OS much lower than its predecessors, at least for now. Curiously though, only Windows 8 Pro pricing has been revealed, and not any of the other Windows 8 editions. Windows 8 Pro is the highest variant available to home users and has more features compared to what is simply called “Windows 8”.

Windows 8 Pro pricing 2

So, until January 31st 2013, you can upgrade from any version of Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP to Windows 8 Pro for a much lower price. And this gets even better if you have bought a computer after June 2012. If you have, you can get Windows 8 Pro for even lower than the current upgrade price. First time builders, however, will have to shell out more for the new OS. Here’s the details of Windows 8 pro pricing.

Windows 8 Pro Pricing

  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (From Windows 7, Vista, XP) – 39.99$ or Rs. 1999 (Through online upgrade)
  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (From Windows 7, Vista, XP) – 69.99$ or Rs. 3499 (Boxed copy or if you check option to ship backup DVD through online upgrade)
  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (From Windows 7 PC’s bought between June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013) – 14.99$ or Rs. 699 (Through Windows 8 Upgrade offer)

Keep in mind this are only launch prices and most reports suggest that the boxed copy upgrade which costs 69.99$ now will cost 199.99$ after January 31, 2013. Compared to previous prices of Windows, it’s still lower. As of now, Windows 8 pricing for the regular edition hasn’t been revealed but it’s obviously going to be lower than the Windows 8 Pro pricing. For the not too tech savvy Windows 8 will do just fine and it’s good that Microsoft has kept the number of Windows 8 editions down to avoid confusion. Keep any eye on this space for any further reveals regarding pricing and availability of Microsoft’s new operating system. Please let us know if you still have any questions, and comments and suggestions are welcome as well!

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