How To Block Websites Without Any Softwares

As we all use different software’s and applications to block websites which we don’t need publicly. There is a alternate tip for blocking the websites without any softwares. Just all you have to do is to edit a file in windows. For that follow these steps given below
1) Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
2) Find the file named “HOSTS” in it usually we have 4 more files in that folder neglect them.
3) Open it with notepad or any text editor.
4) You can see some data written there where you can find “ localhost” in the last line of the file.
5) Under that add similar line to the above “”
with out inverted comma’s.
6) Now the site which you have entered will not be accessible any more.
7) Done 🙂
—Now it looks like this— localhost
For Every site which you want to add must start with 127.0.0 and just add ‘1’ to the internal IP( and then enter the website as shown above. localhost

Enjoy !!

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