How to Get Details About the Everysite Which You Browse.

Yes its easy to find out a complete picture of a site which you browse. You can get all the details of the particular website through which you are and you can see the stats and the progress of the site. For that you need a Mozilla Firefox Browser and a Small Ad-don which makes it possible for you to take a look at the review.See the Screen shot below for a clear idea.
Here in the above screen shot is opened and as you can see a tool bar below the address bar which is showing some values like google:10/10 and alexa:1 and Complete rank:1 and Quest rank :1 these are the page ranks and traffic ranks of the site as google is in first rank so its showing the correct traffic rank and page rank. After that you can see the Page indexes of Google, Yahoo and Bing these are nothing but the topics which are present in the current search engines. And also we you can the backlinks of google, yahoo and bing next to page indexes.
Besides that is a Reload option which loads the updates for every one hour. And after that you can see a More Info icon and Pick Me icon and also wikia review which are social bookmarking site. Lastly you can find a settings option where you can edit the settings of the taskbar. In this wat you can view the details of any site which you browse and this will really help the authors and publishers who want to view there progress in the SEO.
To add this just follow the simple steps given below.

1) Install a Latest Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Get it HERE if you don’t have one.

2) Go to Tools and click on Addons.
3) You will get a dialog where you have to click on Get Addons and in the search box type as
Webrank Toolbar 3.0 and press enter.
4) You will get a addon. Install it and restart the mozilla firefox to take effects.
5) Now you can get the complete details of the website which you are browsing.
As i already installed the addon it appers in the Extensions and just follow the steps as i mentioned above and enjoy the details of the site completely.
If you want to Know more details about this addon just click HERE
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