A Better Browser than Google Chrome

Yes, it’s true I am now using a very good and fast browser which is far better than Google chrome and Internet Explorer. The browser name is Maxthon 3.0 which is really cool. And before using Maxthon, I was using Google Chrome from past one year and every time when I try to open more pages, its crashes all of the sudden. It was very annoying to use the crashed chrome browser and I never got a browser which really replaced chrome because I needed speed and a fast browser. The main reason to change from Google chrome to Maxthon is very simple. Google chrome is really worst in handling things, Maxthon 3.0 browser has so many advance option which you normally can’t find in any other browsers now. I bet you people will really like this Maxthon 3.0 browser. So what’s so special in Maxthon 3.0 Browser? The advance features of the browser will really make you surprise. Let us take a brief look that why it is better than Google chrome.

Maxthon Advance Features:

  1. Maxthon has a dual display engines called as Ultra Mode and Retro Mode, In Ultra Mode it displays the WebPages with cutting edge technology where the WebPages designs will look more flawlessly. And in Retro Mode we can watch the old crashing websites without crashing and neatly. You can shift between the two options whenever you want.
  2. It has a Smart address bar which stores all the previous URL’s and history and auto-completes the URLs for you by saving time.
  3. Magic fill is one the very useful feature which will allow you to save and manage passwords of websites which you often login. Indeed you can save each and every login details with a Magic Fill Manager.
  4. Maxthon 3.0 can stop the Popup ads and annoying windows which we come across various sites. They call it the Ad Hunter which will give you a advance option to save your sites list which you want the ads to be displayed in future.
  5. This is the best feature I like in Maxthon 3.0, called as the Mouse Gesture, where you can set the option which you want for a mouse gestures which will allow you to work easily and fast. For example if I want to refresh the page, I don’t need to press the refresh the button or Press a shortcut, instead of that I will assign a mouse gesture where I will right click my mouse and make a L shape. A green color L shape will appear and do the action for you.
  6. The other important features are Online Notepad, Feed Reader, Safe mode(which detects safe sites), Page mute and etc.The best feature is the Save option which is available on all the audio and videos in the webpage which you browse. You can directly download the file from the webpage instantly.
  7. Finally the Drag and Drop Search, Even this feature is really cool. You can select any text in the browser which you want and then drag it to the search box up in the window. It will search the words and display the results in seconds.
  8. Has a default Snap Button where you can Snap whole page or a certain region and take a print of it and save it to your computer. IT also has the default option buttons like Redo Page, Home, Recently viewed pages, back and Etc with good look and feel. Also it provides the quick access to site just like Opera and Chrome where you can save your favorite pages in tabs.
  9. Provides you a unique user account which is completely free. Where you can earn credits and bonus for browsing certain hours with Maxthon 3.0 browser. These credits are very useful to make some real fun. The credits are used to show how popular you are in world and also give u a world ranking according to your usage. You can invite friends and earn points and also Maxthon 3.0 will provide you with a unique Maxthon Passport.
  10. It has advance add-ons and awesome skins which we change the look and feel of the browser. You can check them out here ant time. http://addonsmx.maxthon.cn

These are the advance features of Maxthon 3.0 Browser. Along with this features we have some more advance options like

  1. Synchronizing the general browser Settings,
  2. Setting favorite Search Engines
  3. Tab bar and Smart Address Bar
  4. Page zoom settings
  5. Magic fill and shortcuts
  6. Proxy and Other settings.

There are still some more settings which are really impressive. I personally prefer Maxthon 3.0 for all users who really want a change and its really cool which can replace annoying Google chrome which always crashes at the right time. I didnt face any problem in Maxthon browser yet and its really fast.So for what are you waiting now ? go and get your Maxthon 3.0 with a free user name.

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