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Yes, it’s true I am now using a very good and fast browser which is far better than Google chrome and Internet Explorer. The browser name is Maxthon 3.0 which is really cool. And before using Maxthon, I was using Google Chrome from past one year and every time when I try to open more pages, its crashes all of the sudden. It was very annoying to use the crashed chrome browser and I never got a browser which really replaced chrome because I needed speed and a fast browser. The main reason to change from Google chrome to Maxthon is very simple. Google chrome is really worst in handling things, Maxthon 3.0 browser has so many advance option which you normally can’t find in any other browsers now. I bet you people will really like this Maxthon 3.0 browser. So what’s so special in Maxthon 3.0 Browser? The advance features of the browser will really make you surprise. Let us take a brief look that why it is better than Google chrome.

Maxthon Advance Features:

  1. Maxthon has a dual display engines called as Ultra Mode and Retro Mode, In Ultra Mode it displays the WebPages with cutting edge technology where the WebPages designs will look more flawlessly. And in Retro Mode we can watch the old crashing websites without crashing and neatly. You can shift between the two options whenever you want.
  2. It has a Smart address bar which stores all the previous URL’s and history and auto-completes the URLs for you by saving time.
  3. Magic fill is one the very useful feature which will allow you to save and manage passwords of websites which you often login. Indeed you can save each and every login details with a Magic Fill Manager.
  4. Maxthon 3.0 can stop the Popup ads and annoying windows which we come across various sites. They call it the Ad Hunter which will give you a advance option to save your sites list which you want the ads to be displayed in future.
  5. This is the best feature I like in Maxthon 3.0, called as the Mouse Gesture, where you can set the option which you want for a mouse gestures which will allow you to work easily and fast. For example if I want to refresh the page, I don’t need to press the refresh the button or Press a shortcut, instead of that I will assign a mouse gesture where I will right click my mouse and make a L shape. A green color L shape will appear and do the action for you.
  6. The other important features are Online Notepad, Feed Reader, Safe mode(which detects safe sites), Page mute and etc.The best feature is the Save option which is available on all the audio and videos in the webpage which you browse. You can directly download the file from the webpage instantly.
  7. Finally the Drag and Drop Search, Even this feature is really cool. You can select any text in the browser which you want and then drag it to the search box up in the window. It will search the words and display the results in seconds.
  8. Has a default Snap Button where you can Snap whole page or a certain region and take a print of it and save it to your computer. IT also has the default option buttons like Redo Page, Home, Recently viewed pages, back and Etc with good look and feel. Also it provides the quick access to site just like Opera and Chrome where you can save your favorite pages in tabs.
  9. Provides you a unique user account which is completely free. Where you can earn credits and bonus for browsing certain hours with Maxthon 3.0 browser. These credits are very useful to make some real fun. The credits are used to show how popular you are in world and also give u a world ranking according to your usage. You can invite friends and earn points and also Maxthon 3.0 will provide you with a unique Maxthon Passport.
  10. It has advance add-ons and awesome skins which we change the look and feel of the browser. You can check them out here ant time. http://addonsmx.maxthon.cn

These are the advance features of Maxthon 3.0 Browser. Along with this features we have some more advance options like

  1. Synchronizing the general browser Settings,
  2. Setting favorite Search Engines
  3. Tab bar and Smart Address Bar
  4. Page zoom settings
  5. Magic fill and shortcuts
  6. Proxy and Other settings.

There are still some more settings which are really impressive. I personally prefer Maxthon 3.0 for all users who really want a change and its really cool which can replace annoying Google chrome which always crashes at the right time. I didnt face any problem in Maxthon browser yet and its really fast.So for what are you waiting now ? go and get your Maxthon 3.0 with a free user name.

About Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is the Founder of Pyrite Technologies Private Limited. He is very passionate about writing Technology and Troubleshoot issues in CoolPCTips. He also writes at SEOsiren.com on free search engine traffic strategies.


  1. Yes. Google chrome annoyed me lately with all the sudden crash and non responding!

  2. Its has been 3 months since I had a crash in Google Chrome! Maybe you’re using IDM software or any other incompatible thingy.
    Checkout this page http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/static.py?page=known_issues.cs for list of incompatible apps.

    • hi, a browser should be able to support all the addons and things which a user want to install in his system. If its goes on crashing with such bit list of undo things. i bet no one will use it. i cant sacrifice avoiding all to use chrome. if not chrome, any other but comfort and easy access is imp.

  3. Yes, when using maxthon, there is no compatability problems. the acceleration mode is also awesome.

  4. I dont experience crashes whilst using gchrome to access the internet but i will give maxthon a try, i’ve heard so much ’bout its awesome features, <3

  5. yea man your right…

  6. maxthon is a very fine browser,but for now i use a browser called Dolphin3d, this one is also good

  7. Currently using Firefox & Chrome.
    Let me try this one! :)
    Any-how, Thanks for the share Sathish.

  8. can we play online games on it???????????

  9. I used to use maxthon but it always crash so i have to uninstall it .Now i use avant browser .so far so good .no crash .no memory leaks.

  10. Hi bro,
    I just installed Maxthon, its cool, bt i cant find addon or anything that i can check nofollow links, Any help?

  11. yeah i have been using maxthon past one month and i definitely agree with the fact that this browser is a 100 times cooler than chrome and 200 times faster and reliable,

  12. I find this review hard to digest. I admit that, being a mac user, I am not in a position to install and verify these claims.
    Chrome does have issues with bundled adobe flash , pdf plugins which are error prone. However all the features described above are available in Chrome except the first one. The fact that maxthon uses apple webkit ( rendering engine of chrome and safari) along with trident from IE. In that sense, this is more of wrapper.
    Chrome uses blazing fast v8 javascript engine which is industry leading. The best feature mentioned here is no more very relevant as mouse is slowly paving way for multitouch trackpads with built-in gestures.
    Every feature mentioned here is available in Chrome with choices.

    Then again, you are not mentioning chrome strong points.
    Multiplatform ( Win, Mac, Linux)
    Fantastic standards support (w3c)
    Canvas and WebGL (leader)
    Browser Games
    Background pages
    Desktop notifications
    Cross platform NaCl
    Tab synching
    A better comparison would be chromium ( no flash, pdf reader) with maxthon and write a review based on facts and benchmarks.

    I do agree that maxthon cannot go wrong as it is standing on two leading industry rendering engines.

  13. dazzlebean says:

    This seems like a mix of Rockmelt, Opera, Google chrome, IE9, and Firefox. I’m a full fledged google user, I use everything but the OS, so ultimately without testing I would say that Google chrome is the best browser out there.
    I tested Maxthon, and 5 minutes later took it off. Not my kind of browser.

  14. about your maxthon “advanced features” and how “no one else has them”:

    1. true. haven’t seen another browser with this, but being a web developer, testing how it looks on different browsers and making sure it looks how YOU want it to look is part of your job.
    2. really? because… last time I checked every browser that’s come out in the past 3 years has that. and chrome even predicts for sites you’ve never been to.
    3. autocomplete – available on all browsers
    4. chrome, ie, and firefox have a little bar that pops up instead of the pop-up that says something to the effect of “a pop-up was blocked, click here to unblock it” because some sites use that as a tool even though modals are the better way to go.
    5. enjoy click and drag on sites where you accidentally go back because you held the mouse button on during a long form or something and having everything erased. If I used it, I would turn off the gestures. buy a mouse for $15 with a forward and back button on the left side by your thumb. much easier and faster =)
    6. chrome app store has this and much more
    7. chrome has had live search in the address bar since beta. I believe firefox added it in as well. Also, chrome has always let you pick from a few different search engines.
    8. Don’t know if there’s an app for snapshot. agreed, this is a cool feature. However, re-do page? is that like… refresh? recently viewed pages = history.
    9. sooo… maxthon has a built in social network? I don’t know that I would consider this a plus, but whatever floats your boat
    10. chrome has had this for at least 3 years as well.

    some cool things chrome also does:
    1. incognito mode: doesn’t save history, passwords, cookies, or other information
    2. sync all of your bookmarks and history via logging into gmail in the browser. i.e. you have a laptop and a desktop and you leave your laptop at work, you can still go on your desktop at home and see that site you found earlier in the day on your laptop in your browser history. You will also have ALL of your bookmarks EVERYWHERE you go.

    Please do more research next time you do a review. Thanks

  15. Hey, I’ve been hating Chrome for a while now and going by your suggestion, I tried out Maxthon I must say its one cool browser. It has so many features! The only thing I am not yet able to figure out is to permanently keep my privacy settings enabled.

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