How to Lock your Windows Screen When You are Away

Most of us will keep very important and secret information and other stuff on desktop and on other drives which cannot be protected strictly and we will feel uncomfortable to leave it idle and go for other works. So for safety we usually log off and put a password or we use any windows screen saver and select the option : on resume password protect. But still we want the system to be running in normal condition and must be do all the works assigned to it. There is a way for doing so. The best way to protect your computer screen with awesome look and strong security is to use Matrix Screen Locker.

Matrix screen locker is a system tray applicationΒ  which allows us for quick and secure PC lock when we require. The application when installed will does a matrix style scrolling characters when the lock is running and the look is simply superb. If you want to learn more about this, here is the link .Β  Since this is very old application so may be most of the people will be knowing about this one. If not just read the post in detail, will be useful for some of you. Coming to the details of this application:

1) Its a simple application which locks your PC when we wish.

2) When we run install and run it, we can see a small X icon in system tray beside time and date.

3) To activate it simply press left click on it and if you want to set the options just right click on the X sign and you can set the password and Home page and etc.

4) I will upload the link below so that you all can try the application and lock your PC.

5) First when we install the application the password will be blank, you have to set it for authentication.

6) If you have forgetten the password just simply restart the system and uninstall the application and reinstall it.

7) This application is just for a temporary lock when we the PC is idle. Just to make sure that our data and info is secure when we are not available in front of our PC.

8) I have uploaded a simple screen shot of the application here.

Download Matrix Locker


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