Why you can’t install Windows 8 without product key

Windows 8 has been out for almost 2 weeks now and we’re pretty sure that those who haven’t already upgraded to it are wondering if it’s worth shelling out money according to the different Windows 8 Pro pricing plans. Those looking to get a little sneak peek of Microsoft’s new OS will be disappointed though, because unlike most products, Microsoft has chosen to remove the trial period from their operating systems. Read on to find out why you can’t install Windows 8 without product key:

No Windows 8 without product key!

Windows 8 without product key

The 30 day trial period is a staple of most software products, granted some offer fewer days though. Windows used to be able to be installed without a product key and you could use a fully functional version of it for 30 days. Upon the completion of the 30 day trial period, you’d have to enter a product key and activate it to continue using Windows. This worked well for people who wanted to try out the operating system before buying it, but it also was an opportunity for piracy since exploits could extend or refresh this trial period.

Microsoft has done away with the trial period now, and you can’t even install Windows 8 without product key. That means that if you want to try out the new operating system, you will have to buy it or be content with seeing it at a retailer. If you’re thinking that you can get a product key by dubious means and install it, you still won’t be able to use Windows 8 completely. You might be able to install Windows 8 without product key but a lot of settings and options will be unavailable unless you activate Windows, which again won’t work unless you’ve got a valid product key. So with a pirated product key, all you get is a crippled OS.

What do you think about this move by Microsoft? Is it good for business but bad for consumers? Drop us a line and let us know!

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