How To Become Pro in NFS Most Wanted Online

Hi Everybody, Its been a while i have written my gaming post, so lets get into some gaming this time. Need for speed Most Wanted is a awesome game from EA which gained huge profits. As we all know that Most Wanted can be run any system even with a 256mb ram and with normal system configuration, That’s the reason everybody has started playing the game and now the craze is for NFS online with Pro players. As we all know that i have a written a post How to play need for speed online long back in my blog, people started to play online now..

I am not saying that i am a good Pro player in NFS MW , but i can play better than some medium players. and i have seen so many Pro players in big arenas  when they are playing.. So i want to share some tips with you so that even you can be a online Pro gamer just like them. I followed some and now i can win almost all games when i play NFS MW online in plan..Just try to follow the important points to be remembered when playing any online game which are similar to Need For Speed (Racing).

How To Become a PRO Player in NFS MW (Online)

1. Use Arrow keys up for acceleration and left for steering left, right for steering right and down for brake and reverse.
2. Most of the Pro’s use there Nitrous as ‘A’ button and ‘S’ for brake and ‘D’ for speed breaker.
3. They (Pro’s) always see the map while they are playing any lap or any game in racing
4. They(Pro’s) will never press acceleration button when they are taking a corner.
5. They(Pro’s) never apply hand brake when they are given bad handling car, like viper.
6. They(Pro’s) will apply brake and steering at a time when a big corner comes in a map.
7. They(Pro’s) always keep a low graphics settings without blur and they will surely keep over brightness option.
8. They(Pro’s) always change there settings accordingly to there game play when starting a race.
9. They(Pro’s) never use Far car camera mode when they are racing, they only play in bumper camera an also put a mirror in game.
10. They(Pro’s) never crash anywhere and if they crash they never reset the car because it slows and resets the car completely, so they leave acceleration and apply brake.
11. They(Pro’s) will know all the shortcuts of the map when they are playing a game.
12. They(Pro’s) always use there own gears like Gaming Keyboard and Big Headphones.
13. And most important thing, they(Pro’s) never give up even when they lose.
14. Last thing they(Pro’s) do before going to any competition is to practice a lot with famous maps like little Italy, Nfs world loop, highway and etc.

Enjoy the ride!

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