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Hi, I have recently migrated my blog from blogger to wordpress self hosting. I was not familiar with wordpress much, the plugin’s and tools were really confusing. Thanks to my friends Vivekanand and Suraj Vibuthe who are experienced in this stuff. They helped me a lot to understand things well. So when i observed that all of my traffic and RSS readers have fall down to half, i taught its because of blog migration and didn’t concentrated much on it and started posting articles. After one week the situation was even worse. As i go on posting the articles, there was no change in the traffic. Then i started to realize that my RSS feed is not working.¬† I was totally frustrated and started to search about the articles here and there. But nothing helped me much.

So i decided to sort my problem my self. I understand that my feed url in feedburner feed details was the older one which is use to use for blogger. So i don’t know how to update that so that it would work for wordpress too. Finally i have done some own troubleshooting steps which resolved my problem.Just follow the simple steps.

  1. Log to your feedburner  account : Login
  2. After log in select the feed title which you want.
  3. Select the feed which you want. I have selected coolpctips feed.
  4. Now go to Troubleshooting tab and click on Edit Feed Details.
  5. You will be asked to Enter the Feed Title and Feed URL.
  6. If you already have some address and some title in that, remove them and try to add a new title and a default URL.
  7. I have entered my default Feed URL as and Saved it.
  8. As you can see the above screen shot, I got a feed address which is my Site heading tag. (
  9. Save Feed Details and Now login to your wordpress admin dashboard.
  10. Install a small plugin named as FD Feedburner Plugin so that you can redirect all your main feed to your wordpress feed via feedburner.
  11. After installing and activating the plugin just open it. You can find that plugin in Plugins –> Feedburner Configuration.
  12. Now enter your Feed address in redirect my feeds here: which you have acquired in step 9. (
  13. Uncheck the 3 advanced options, save and exit.
  14. Finish :D Now you can see all your feeds updating as soon as you write a post.

Optional Widgets :

Now you have your feed address, its time to publicize it.

  1. Go to your feedburner account and then click on Publicize tab.
  2. Click on Email Subscriptions under services (leftside) and then Choose a language.
  3. Copy the subscription code and paste it in your wordpress template with a text widget and save it.
  4. You can also show a feed count chicklet to show how many readers you got.
  5. To get this, just click on Feed Count under services in publicize tab.

That’s it ! Now your new feed burner RSS Address url is ready to use. Please leave a comment if you have any queries.

About Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is the Founder of Pyrite Technologies Private Limited. He is very passionate about writing Technology and Troubleshoot issues in CoolPCTips. He also writes at on free search engine traffic strategies.


  1. Thanks for mentioning me :) It’s really nice to know that you solved the problem and posted detailed tutorial for other bloggers, I hope this will help them.

  2. Thanks suraj :) Thanks for helping me again and again :)

  3. Thanks suraj, nice job, but i found a problem after using this plugin, my feed not updating,, So i deactivate this plugin..

  4. The problem with the FB like button is that it generates a TON of http requests just for that freaking button. I’d rather have something simple like the twitter follower widget.

  5. yeah i too had a hard time configuring feed for my blog but finally figured out after 2 days :-) but i dont know why cant i access feed via chrome :roll: with mozilla its fine :?

    PS – a question ..why doesnt commentluv on ur blog gives option to choose a post to display out of 4-5..i saw this feature on some blogs :-P

  6. OMG we simply can’t wait till the literally best game in the world actually get launched – dota 2 :D

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