How To Chat On GTalk Without Using a GTalk Client

As we all know that some of the MNC companies or any small private company now a days wont allow Instant Messenger’s like gtalk, yahoo messenger and etc in there employees system. As we all know the reasons for that, but inspite of that we can still use some of the famous IM’s like Gtalk in your system to chat without a Gtalk client. Yes this is possible by a small Google link which will allow you to connect to Gtalk anywhere from you wish.

This above screen shot is taken when i have not yet logged inside the ipage of the Google Gtalk and this is the page which we will be using as a Gtalk to chat with our friends. This Gadget will bring the chat to a web page ! and we can embed the Gtalk directly into our Google page or into our website, with complete
contact list and online status as we use in our Gtalk client.And all the chats will directly appear on the page itself. We can add the Google talk to igoogle in easy steps and with few clicks by just copying and pasting a single link. Know More HERE

As you can see that i have logged in here with my account i can chat with my friends as usual as i would do it in my Gtalk. The best part is that we can also pop out the igoogle page from the web page and use it as Gtalk.

The Best part of this igoogle gadget is that, it has been created by the Google team which is trust worthy and no Company in the world will dare to ban this link because every company will use Google in its daily usage some or the other way. So we can still use the Google chat with igoogle with a Gtalk experience without a Gtalk client. Its a fact that we can do anything here but cant send files here were we can send it in gtalk and also we cantΒ  call to the other user with this igoogle gadget.

Here is the link to use the igoogle gadget :
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