How to Overcome Fast Cars in Grid PC Game

Grid is a racing game from CODE MASTERS which brought a realistic driving experience in the world of  Racing.A great merit of the grid is 24 hrs race in the game, awesome experience to every player and also lots more in the game regarding sprint, circuit, drift lots more

grid errors

But the major problem with the Game is  to mess up with opponents. The drivers are very professional and very balanced.

I have gained a very tough experience during the race in the Game. All the opponents in the game are very tough to beat…. so finally found the best way up to hang up them in the race….
Its very cool and very easy…. Check this out in simple steps:

  1. Go to the game directory in your drive where you have installed the game and go for option ‘search’.
  2. Now search for name ‘AI’ in the search box.
  3. A list of files and folders  will be showed down there ‘select all’ and rename to any other name as u like….i renamed them as ‘coolpctips’.
  4. Now just go back to your directory and run grid.exe.
  5. And start any race which you want and now you will notice that no opponents in the race will move, in some cases F1 cars may move but they wont continue race to end they just end up during turnings in the track.
  6. And to make game back to normal just rename back the ‘coolpctips’  to AI.

That’s it….enjoy. This can be done only when you feel that the stage is very difficult to handle. So dont play the whole game like this 😛 Its waste of playing that then.

This post was contributed by Yeshwanth Dagron. Posted and Modified by admin.

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