How To Play GTA San Andreas Online For Free

Hi Friends, today i am about to write a post on how to play GTA Sanandreas Online for free. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps which i mention below and then you are ready to play GTA Sanandreas online. Playing Gta Sanandreas online is really full of fun. I play with lots of my friends daily and i really feel the game is cool when we play it online.

All you have to do is to download a software called a sa-mp-0.3b-R3 which will be useful to play the game online. I will upload a link to download the software at the bottom of the post.

Follow this simple steps to play the game online.

  1. Download sa-mp-0.3b-R3 software from the below link.
  2. You should have Gta Sanandreas installed anywhere in the system and make sure its a full version game :P
  3. Now install the software application sa-mp-0.3b-R3 on the drive location of the game where you have installed the gta sanandreas game.
  4. You should install the application in this folder : C:\GTA.San.Andreas\ or whatever the location may be. But make sure its installed in the main folder of the game.
  5. After installing the application in the game location, open the software to from start menu : San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3b.
  6. After opening the application just click on internet which is to the bottom of the application beside favorites and hosted.
7) You can see a list of servers which are filled with players already.
8) Join any room there and have fun. I prefer rooms which are having many people since we have more time to play around and more fun.
9) Use ~ to chat with people there and find some awesome commands which are really helpful.
10) If you have any queries, just go to the home page of SA-MP : HOMEPAGE

Here’s a video for you all if u find it difficult to understand :) Sorry but the clarity of video is bad.

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  1. M.Satish Kumar says:

    Feel Free to ask the queries about the game :)

  2. Thanks Satish for following my blog! :D How did you find out about it? I'd really love to publicise more, I know people will love it. Also I love your blog too, I especially love GTA hehe.
    Thank you for following once again. :)


  3. M.Satish Kumar says:

    i have seen u in a blog following some one so i tried to follow u and i really successful for that ;) thanku mindy :)

  4. dude i am not to complete the installation process…when it comes to the selecting the drive of where to download it..i select the driver and still i am not able to click install…can u help me with this???

  5. M.Satish Kumar says:

    Hi, you have to install the files in the directory which i asked for u to install. may be the selected folder which u have installed is not correct and remember to see my video. will help u again to understand.

  6. the best,best of me says:

    Thanks for this bro.Really helps

  7. M.Satish Kumar says:

    @the best,best of me Thanks :) atleast u have reported here :)


  9. thanks!!!!!

  10. i wont playing online

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