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Maxthon Portable Browser which was released recently with 3.2.2 as its current version. Many people have already downloaded the Maxthon portable browser and started using in their USB drives and other portable devices. The amazing Maxthon Portable Browser is very simple to use and very reliable when it comes to crashes. Maxthon is famous for its super speed browsing which they have maintained through out their journey of making a better browser.I am proud to be a part of Maxthon team as a ambassador for India who gave a lot of motivation to do new things in a better way.Maxthon being such amazing browser, never tried to advertise or promote their product via ads or reviews in the Internet.

New Maxthon Portable Browser Features :


Maxthon Portable Browser

All the awards which were given to the Maxthon browser recently showed the potential of this browser. Maxthon has an amazing team with them who respond to each and every single query of the user when posted in their Forum. When it comes to the credibility of the browser, it is really amazing by keeping the feedback in mind. Many people trust Maxthon as the no 1 browser, you wont find the browser crashing unlike others no matter what ever you browse in it.

Coming to the Maxthon Portable Browser, From past few months the Maxthon team has been working on various things to improve the browser quality from all possible ways. They have included many features into the browser, which made the work very easy and very simple. I will discuss some of the best updates and features included in Maxthon browser.

The Maxthon Portable Browser comes with these below amazing features. The browser has been improved amazingly when compared to all other browsers. These amazing features are very handy and i hope you love them too..

Maxthon Portable Browser Browsing Features :

  1. Maxthon Passport login which allows you to login from any part of the world to sync your settings.
  2. An Inbuilt URL Alias features which automatically displays the typed URL which saves your time and energy.
  3. Inbuilt Calender to organize your daily schedules and meetings.
  4. Multiple sessions at a single time, Best for gamers where you can login with different accounts in same browser.
  5. Multi Search which combines  all search engines at one place.
  6. Drag and Drop commands to search  a URL or words and open them directly in web search via address bar.
  7. Cool mouse gestures where you can make shapes with your mouse and trigger commands.
  8. Group feature which allows you to add pages onto favorites with a new folder.
  9. Full page zoom in and zoom out feature which is really amazing to try.
  10. In built Mute icon which allows you to shut noise web pages and ads.

Maxthon Portable Browser Tools :

  1.  Download sniffer which automatically detects all the images, videos, audio of a webpage to download them directly.
  2. Pop-up video tool which offers you to open and watch a video in a separate window or download it later.
  3. External tool which gives you instant access to your favorite program where you can add, delete and sort them accordingly.
  4. Get a clear knowledge of what you are browsing with the new status bar.
  5. Split screen to split the browser into two different windows side by side.
  6. Amazing screen shot tool which can capture a screenshot instantly and allow you to edit it your own way.

Maxthon Portable Browser Safety and Security : 

  1. With amazing private browsing feature you can leave no tracks  to your browsed history.
  2. Ad hunter block unwanted blocks and advertisements. You can edit to hide any elements in a page.

Apart from these features, the Maxthon Portable Browser comes with in-built theme changer and customized avatars and skins. You can completely customize your user interface in Maxthon. The Maxthon Portable Browser is available in 23 different languages and the new in-built Spell checker offers many international languages. You can download he Maxthon Portable Browser below which is around 20mb.

Download Maxthon Portable Browser

Once you have downloaed the folder, Unzip it and open the folder where you can find few differnt folders. Open Bin and look for Maxthon file and open it to browser directly without installing.If you have any queries regarding this post, you can share them below with a comment. We would love to respond to your query. Please share our Maxthon Portable Browser article to help us.

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