Samsung Corby Not Working

Hi all, As i have Samsung Corby Txt B3210 Mobile with me, i keep on testing it for various apps and errors all the time. Recently i was working on Samsung Corby hidden Options and also on How to improve the sound in my phone which i made articles on. The articles were pretty famous and now i am trying to find some solutions for Samsung Corby mobile. Now i am going to discuss some issues with the Samsung Corby mobile. Few days back when my headphones were corrupted, i started using my system speakers to listen songs which were of 2.1 Sub-woofer capacity. The songs were playing pretty clean and good in phone with music player support. It was going smooth for few days, and suddenly one day the phone stopped functioning.I couldn’t able to understand what exactly the problem was. I got a phone call all of the sudden when i was playing songs in my Intex 2.1  speakers. I took the call and found that my phone was dead by that time. I can able to see the display but all the sounds and music stopped functioning in my phone. Every thing came to a default silent mode. I couldn’t able to answer a call or make a call. Even my music player, Videos, Ringtones, and Message Notifications went mute.

I didn’t understand what to do. I had to make important calls at that time. As i had some Unknown Samsung Secret Codes with me i have reset my java apps with simple code *2767* 5282# and again i have reset my phone to factory default with #*7728# code. Which was a bit useful to refresh the phone and make things normal again. But still my phone was not out of silent mode. I was getting Message Notifications and Ringtones loud. Other than this every thing was silent. I now decided to flash the phone by taking it the service center, as i dont want to brick my phone with experiments. Finally i want to give a last try. As my phone was dead when i was playing songs with Intex 2.1 Speakers, i taught to play the songs again so that some thing miracle may happen and my phone will work again as usual. I connect my phone to the speakers and started playing songs in it. To my surprise the songs were playing in Speakers and headphones except in general mode. I taught i had messed up with speakers of my phone. Look at my fate now, i again got a call at that time. Now i didnt lift the call and disconnected the call. Finally i want to check my phone was working or not. I disconnected it from the speakers and reset the phone again with #*7728# code. I was surprised to see that my phone was working fine with all sounds and also my music player was working fine. I can able to play all the songs, videos as usual. I released that we should not connect to high power speakers like 2.1 surround and put the volume up to last. This will make the phone to lose control on its IC and it may malfunction with the other apps and options.

So guys next time when you are connecting your phone to a speakers or woofers make sure they are not of high power. This may corrupt your phone hardware and in result the phone will be of no use. So be careful with this kind of real time experiences. I am sharing em as i faced them personally. Apart from this i have few more issues which i faced in my Samsung Corby phone.

Coming to other issue now : My phone is always connected to my system some or the other way. I usually charge my phone with USB cable daily. My charger was burned last week as i kept it on for whole night along with my phone. Now i have issue with my phone connection. I was not able to connect my phone to any system. First i taught my phone had a problem as it was not detecting in any operation system and again i taught may be i have not installed the drivers properly. Finally i found the problem was the datacable which was corrupted. I even burnt that with over usage. I prefer not to use datacable more often unless you have serious work with it.

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