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Hi there, it has been really a long time ever since i have written on Samsung Corby. As you all know my previous post Unknown Samsung Secret Codes was really a good one and i got very good comments and applauds for that. Now its time to reveal some of the Unknown features of Samsung Corby phone which you all will love for sure. I tried to explore as many options as i can, and was pretty happy to find some in my Samsung Corby Txt B3210. No need to worry if your phone is not as similar to my model. Because all the Samsung Corby Phones will have the same software and interface which other phones have. So don’t worry and just try to find the options which i tell them here. Some are really interesting and pretty funny. Some of them may be known to this options, but still i am writing for newbie’s and for the people who don’t know much about there Samsung Corby. So please bare with us.

Here goes the list of Unknown Secret Options in Samsung Corby Phone’s :

I) Security : Almost all Samsung phones will have this option called a Phone Lock. The security of the phone is categorized into different ways. Like

  1. Phone Lock : Which locks your phone at startup. (i.e) When you switch off and on your phone and again switch on. It will ask a security password code which you can set in options.
  2. SIM Lock : This option will lock your phone for inserting other Sim’s in it, no matter what ever Sim you put, you cannot open the phone unless you unlock it with a security code which you have kept earlier.
  3. Pin Lock : This is used to lock the Sim Internally.Your Sim will be locked with a pin and cannot be accessible by other. Note: Be careful with this lock, because it make lock your Sim permanently if you have done something wrong.
  4. Privacy Lock : This feature is really useful. As we can lock all the applications and other areas of the phone accordingly. Usually we can lock Messages, Files, Call log,Phonebook, Calender,Memo, Task and Complete phone.
  5. FDM : FDM is Fixed Dialing mode where you can enter a code and lock you out going calls and messages. So when ever you have applied this FDM lock you cant able to send messages or a call from your phone. You can select few numbers to which we can access the FDM lock. So apart from those numbers, you cannot use another number.
  6. Mobile Tracker 2.0 : With Mobile tracker, you can find out your missing phone easily. Its very easy to set up this function. First go to settings, you can find a column called Mobile Tracker 2.0, under that you can see on and off. Click on and then go for the next tab which is Recipients where you can select 2 numbers to whom the message will be sended automatically when a new Sim is inserted in the phone. And next column you can find a option called Sender, in that you can enter any name there, like your name. Next you can see a Message column where you can type a message which will be sended to the recipients.

II) Display : Some of the display options in Samsung Corby are really interesting.Like we can do a lot of changes in the look and feel of the wallpaper.For example

  1. Home Screen : You can change the wallpaper from current theme to a gallery of random images where all the pictures will be changing just like a screensaver.You can select the images of your choice and each and every time when you go to menu and to home, the picture changes automatically.
  2. Wallpaper Zoom : You can zoom any wallpaper into 300% of the picture and save it exactly with that area and location which you want. For example if a person is a wallpaper and you can able to set only his complete body as a wallpaper, where you want only his head part as wallpaper. then you can zoom into the picture and keep the Standard Ratio view off and set only his head as a wallpaper and use it as a wallpaper.
  3. Text Messages : Some people are cant see the too small text messages font which are in built in the phone, There is a chance of increasing your message text font to 10 times more than the normal phone text font.For that you can simple press the volume up and down button to increase the text and to decrease the text size.
  4. Font : You can change your font from default (Small) to Medium and Large. Also you can change the types of fonts.Usually there will be four types of fonts in Samsung Corby phones.

III) Calls : In Samsung Corby we have excellent features like blocking, Buddy List, FDM and etc.

  1. Buddy List : Coming to the Buddy List. You can save your 5 favorite friends contacts list in a buddy list.So as soon as you press a buddy list, you can see all of your saved 5 friends list there with a beautiful image. Note the buddy list will be visible only when you add a shortcut key on the desktop.This is the fastest way to call friends whom you often call.
  2. Block List : You can auto reject the phone calls which you think is no longer is a wanted contact. You can just block the contact by entering the number of the Auto reject list. When you enter a number and auto reject it. You will be no longer able to receive messages and calls from them.

IV) Fake Call : Fake call is really useful to get out a unwanted situation’s like public places and meetings where you just don’t want to stay. All you have to do is to save a shortcut for a Fake call and use if whenever necessary.When ever you request for a fake call, a unknown call will ring the phone where you have to lift the phone and keep the phone engage for hours. You can get out easily from places and also when other people try to call to the phone at that time, either it will be in call waiting or in engage.

These are some of the unknown options which i found out in my corby txt b3210 . There are still a lot of other features in the mobile, which you can find out directly in the sub menu’s of options menu.

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