Top 15 Latest Upcoming Games Of 2011/12 For PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Hi Guys, I have been researching a lot on the upcoming games of 2011 from past few days and today i am gonna post the most awaited list of 2011 games for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 which you all are about to play soon. These high graphical games are very rich in gameplay environment and blow your mind with excellent graphics. These game acceleration and hardware is too awesome i bet you might have never seen these type of games ever before. Some of the games will be released at the end of the year and some may be way too before than that. These games are never heard before and they will definitely make a huge impact on the way of playing games in 2011.

Here goes the list of Top 15 upcoming games in 2011.

1) Batman : Arkham City

I don’t even need to tell you why this game is on top. Definitely the best game of 2011 as this is the first game about Batman on PC this large scale to be released apart from Arkham Asylum . This game allows you to utilize the unique  combat system to chain together unlimited combos continuously and battle with huge groups of  The Joker’s army in brutal melee attacks.It also allows you to move through the environment with the use of Batman’s grapnel to reach and move around through places, and jump from any height and glide in any direction. As far as I heard,you can fight against Gotham’s greatest villains like Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Victor Zsasz and last but not the least, The Joker. And the best part about this game is  that it is truly authentic to the franchise, but also something really fun and mainly sticks to the comic book.One of the most unusual things about the game is that you have a different location from the Batman  that no one has ever seen before.The previous installment, Batman: Arkham Asylum has even made history by bagging a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’! Batman: Arkham City on PC will release on October 18, 2011.Available on PS3, PC, 360 and Wii U.

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2) Assassin’s Creed : Revelations

This is Definitely one of the most awaited games of the decade.Good news for all the Assassin Creed Fans as their wait is almost over.The game will feature all three of the series’ major characters so far, Altaïr ibn La-Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Desmond Miles. Multiplayer gameplay is also introduced Revelations. The game will also progress Desmond’s story into the modern day, following the events of Brotherhood, where he will be trapped in the Animus, in comatose state,  in which he has found a safe mode known as the Black Room. In the Black Room Desmond must attempt to piece his splintered subconscious back together to regain consciousness. Ubisoft’s currently released trailer indicates that it will be the last installment featuring Ezio and Altaïr The mode expands the basics of online modes from Brotherhood with new characters and locations. Players will be able to customize their characters’ appearance and weapons, as well as start a guild and create its unique coat of arms. Matchmaking and game interface will be improved. The Game promises a better Combat skills and even more gruesome stealth attack techniques with a better combat system.Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed: Revelations will launch on the PC,Xbox,360 and PlayStation 3 on November 15 worldwide.

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3) Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare III

Activision’s confirmed its much rumored Call of Duty subscription service, Call of Duty Elite, which is set to launch this autumn alongside Modern Warfare 3. Sledgehammer Games , Infinity Ward and Raven Software have been recruited for making a new call of duty this year which will be named modern warfare 3. Raven Software will be working on the online multiplayer portion of the game, while Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward will have equal responsibility to make the single player part of the game. Activision is trying to compensate the lost of time by recruiting these three companies to work together which may be a positive motive to call of duty fans for buying the new series of the game call of duty : Modern Warfare 3. Modern warfare 3 is not officially announced yet, but I can guarantee that the wait is not over and even you know you want it. Admit it.

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4) Deus Ex : Human Revolution

Another most awaited game of the year is the jaw dropping Sci-Fi game that deals with Human Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence.You play Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who’s been chosen to deal with Americas most experimental Biological Firms set in the year 2027. Your job is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes.You are badly wounded and you have no other choice but to Mechanically Augment yourself and avail yourself the super human strength. This game is primarily a first person game, but will also feature a  third person viewpoint while using the cover system, certain augmentations, or closeup instant-kill moves. It was announced that the game was being released on August 23, 2011, in North America and August 26, 2011, in Europe. On May 31, 2011, a preview build of the game was leaked online. Available on PS3, PC, 360.

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5) Mass Effect 3

A fresh burst of excitement is inbound for fans of the Mass Effect series. The major change when compared to the other two prequels are,having 12 members in a squad was far too big. Instead, Mass Effect 3 will focus on a smaller squad with deeper relationships and more interesting interplay.Other returning characters (dependent on concluding Mass Effect 2 game data) are likely to include Anderson, Ashley, Garrus, Kaiden, Legion, Liara, Dr. Mordin, and Wrex.

6) Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception

The Naughty Dog franchise is out with a Big Bang with Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception to take the gaming world out for a spin. Our favorite hero Nathan Drake is back  again on the quest for finding the fabled legendary city “Atlantis of the Sands” that lies  hidden somewhere deep in the Arabian Peninsula.   Drake now leads a normal life of an explorer, discovering that there are buried secrets about to uncover in his never ending quest.  Thrown into Deepest and Shallow corners of the Peninsula terrain, Nathan Drake has no easy quests and mysteries ahead. You are thrown into his shoes, the decisions you make will lead him to his destiny, this is where the mysteries the next installment : Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception unfolds. Good news to the franchise fans is that, this game has a very well defined multiplayer system.There are three game types covered off on

Team Deathmatch –  Two teams of up to 5 players each trying to get to the allotted winning number of kills before time runs out.

Three Team Deathmatch – A small team variation of Team Deathmatch with 6 total players across three teams — 2 vs. 2 vs. 2. 

Free-for-All – Each player fight every others player in the game.

These modes are something to think about and be intrigued about the fact that this game has much more to offer than it meets the eye. It is announced that it would be released due November 1,2011. Read More here.

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7) Gears Of War 3

Yeah I know what your thinking. Bull-Necked metal tools, Totally Annihilating 60 Caliber machine Guns, Devastating grenades and lots more. Who doesn’t wanna queue up for this game to own it as soon as its released? That’s right everybody does. This Third person shooting game is set to release by in September. Keep your heads high,because you never know what your enemies upto, awaiting for this game is pretty much the same and always stay on guard.

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8 ) Halo4

A trailer at the end of Microsoft’s E3 press conference revealed the new Halo game for Xbox 360 that will be released in 2012. Unlike the previous Halo games, Halo 4 will be the first release from Microsoft’s internal Halo studio, 343i, and not from Bungie. The last installment from Bungie was Halo: Reach.The Halo: Reach was certainly the biggest game in Microsoft history, with sales of over $200 million in less than 24 hours. Other impressive statistics were released after just one week after the game debuted, such as over 31 million games played and over 4.6 million files downloaded. There is little that when Halo 4 arrives at the end of 2012, those records will be shattered.

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9) Metal Gear Solid Rising

The story will focus on Raiden, and they really want to make Raiden popular again. It will take place in between Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4, exploring the character’s past. The game is mostly focused on the swordplay, and will offer extremely precise control over cutting through everything in sight. One of the key phrases in the trailer was “Cut at will.” The swordplay does look impressive, but without being able to get hands-on with it, there’s no way to tell exactly how well it controls. But the real question about Metal Gear Solid Rising, which can only be answered when it releases on the Xbox 360 and PS3 at a date to be determined, is: Can it really make Raiden popular again?

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10) Thief 4

Long Before Assassins Creed, we played this old game called Thief. None of us would forget that. And now Eidos is looking forward to bring our Stealth Assassin Garrett back from the grave with a brand new installment of Thief 4 game. But unfortunately, its announcement is only what we have. The official date hasn’t been announced yet and the game is still under development and in its final stage. Though there is nothing to worry for the fans, as the game would surely release by the end of the year. The critically and commercially acclaimed Thief series has won numerous awards and accolades including GameSpy Hall of Fame, GameSpot Greatest Games of All Time and The Academy of Interactive Arts And Sciences Outstanding Achievement in Character and Story Development. “But this is an incredibly ambitious and exciting project for Eidos,” said Stephane D’Astous, General Manager at Eidos-Montreal. If you are a super programmer Thief-4 is looking for you,visit here to submit your resume.

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11) The Last Guardian

It’s no surprise then that the third game from the studio, The Last Guardian, is being eagerly anticipated by PS3 owners and watched with close attention by the industry as a whole.The Last Guardian is the Sequel to Sony’s biggest hit , innovative, artsy rather commercially unimpressive PlayStation 2 game Ico and The Shadow of the Collosus.  Though it has been delayed, it is announced that it will be set out for a release by the end of the year.

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12) Grand Theft Auto V

Long awaited, not official, but getting pretty close to that. Marketplace Gamestop Germany posted a PS3-version of Grand Theft Auto 5 in the list of available pre-orders.It  is indicated that the release of this big-bang Gangsta game is set to release by the end of the year around November. I dare to suggest that the story tells us GTA 5 will be a truly exciting and interesting. And above all very long and exciting gangsta game that will invade your turf with all guns blazing. As Announced by the representatives of the Rockstar Games, They said “So we’re not going to announce it, we’re not going to announce when we’re going to announce it, and we’re not going to announce the strategy about announcing it or about when we’re going to announce it either or about the announcement strategy surrounding the announcement of the strategy” . I know they do this all the time, all we can hope that GTA V releases soon enough so we can stop listening to the strategies about announcing of the games by the representatives.

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13) Need For Speed : The Run

The Run will put you into the shoes of Jack, a man who only desires one and only one thing , to get his old life back. The only way to do that is to take part The Run a cross country race and battle against hundreds of racers. No speed limits or rules to hold your back or allies by your side. All you have is yourself and your driving skills against the whole country, nevertheless the cops are always onto you every step of the way. The game promises high adrenaline action with narrow canyons and dense urban environments,although the franchise is losing quality since the release of Pro-Street, The-Run promises a better gameplay and experience for the Need For Speed fan giving them something to wait on.

Read more here at or , for updates and Trailers.

14) Dota 2

Coming to the point of the million gamers on Garena, Battle-net and other networks around the world. As A DotA player myself couldn’t resist to place this on top of the list as I know how many of them around the world are eagerly waiting for this game to change the way of playing DotA. Here is something for you guys to cheer about, Dota 2 is gonna release roughly by the ending of 2011 as the development phase of the game is still in progress. Some of the features include, Players that want to improve their reputation in the game and community will also be able to help out by joining ongoing games that are missing players or the missing players will be replaced with an AI(Bot). Replays will be automatically saved with your id online utilizing the Steam account, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. You’ll be able to use the replay browser tools to search, sort, tag, mark and bookmark them. People with older computers  will be able to support the game, while also allowing for newer computers to perform better. All the DotA fans get set as DotA 2 is gonna sweep you off your feet.

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15) The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a guy destined to pummel the life out of a dragon god? If you did, and you liked it, then you should definitely be impatient, because Skyrim isn’t out yet, and your wonders aren’t going to get pampered until the symmetrical release date of 11/11/11, which Bethesda has so wisely chosen for its next Elder Scrolls game. You are the last of the Dovahkiin or Dragonborn, a dragon hunter anointed by the gods to hunt down a certain evil god of destruction called Alduin. Also, the civil war of Skyrim is the last of the many prophetic events foretold by the Elder Scrolls, who also tell of the return of Alduin in the form of a majestic dragon.

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These are the Upcoming Top 15 Games Of 2011 For PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 as per now. I hoped you all liked the post. Apart from these games we may also expect Bioshock Infinite, Battlefield Bad Company 3 and Dark Souls which are most awaiting games along with this top 15 games.
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