Unknown Awesome Notepad Funny Tricks You Might Have Missed

Here are some cool notepad tricks for you guys. Some of these are pranks, they may not work if they are pretty good with computers or you’re trying these on anyone whose background originates from computer field. Apart from these any kind of victims will do. This is just a fun article, just enjoy reading and I’m sure you’ll learn something new about notepad.

Notepad Diary :

Do you keep a diary (Or maybe a journal or something to keep a track of your daily activities and routines) Or do you wish to make notes where the notes keep the date automatically?Do you watch movies and keep a track of them??Like when you’ve watched it and stuff?? Well here is a cool trick that im gonna show you.Its upto you how you use it. All you need is notepad.

1) Open a blank notepad file.

2) Type .LOG in all caps at the top and hit enter.
3) Now save the file as you wish.
4) After closing the file, open it again and you will notice that the date & time is now listed on the second line.
5) You will also notice that the cursor is ready for you to start typing on the next line.

6) Now every time you open it, type something on the next line and then save it,close it, when you open it again, it will have automatically saved the date and time on the last line.

It keeps a running record of date and time for every save. Now you have a diary ! Have Fun !

Matrix Coding :

Next Trick that I’m gonna show you is to create similar to the Coded-Screen From the movie Matrix!! The screen where random numbers appear in the movie and a techie sits right in front of the computer and guides “Neo” through all troubles.Anyway if you don’t have an idea just have a look at the matrix screen from the following youtube link here.
Lets try to create a similar screen just by using a notepad.Just Copy paste the following code into your Notepad and save the file as Matrix.bat.”Matrix” is not necessary, you can save it with whatever name you wish but its important that you save it with .bat extension.
Here’s the code.

@echo off

color 02es

echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

goto start

This is nothing but usage of few simple notepad commands to create out Matrix screen.Let us understand what these commands do and how they function in brief.

Echo – Echos the screen.

Color – Displays the text content in the color that you mentioned.

:- This is similar to the “go-to” marker in C-Language. (Not a problem if you’re not experienced with C-Language. Just thought you should know)

%random – This prints a random number on the screen.

goto – this points that the function must be passed to “start” again to make it an indefinite loop.

Your screen must look something like this.

Fake Virus :

Deleting Files message to freak everyone out.

Just copy the following code and save it as a batch file like we spoke.

@echo off
echo Fatal Error!! Your computer is under attack!!
echo Deleting Files
echo !323%%%@#@GJFGG42JG
echo !3424%@#%^&@52%@%gs
echo !@$@^624@$6262$hG
echo !@#4-07234&5*((6hkd
echo !&^%78755&*%478*%$&
echo !^$$68*$78()&4578
echo !&8898*65$$566$68(9
goto files

If you want your victim to run this,save it in startup or you can just make him click your batch file and enjoy the look on your victim’s face.

Auto-Shutdown Code :

This is the real deal.This trick is so simple and so easy,but really leeches-out the life of even the toughest of the programmers making them wonder how to fix it.Now before you do this,just make sure this is only a prank and nothing more.I’ll tell you each and everything about this but you will have to make sure you restore the computer back to normal after using this trick. Trust me its fun,not at all dangerous.Its the kinda trick that is so easy and makes people wonder why is your computer acting so weird. Lets get started. just open notepad and type the following code.

msg * Fatal Error! Your Computer Will Shutdown in few Moments!*
shutdown -t

That’s it!!! Yep! That’s the code, as simple as it looks. Now save it as virus.bat, or anything you wish, just make sure it’s under .bat extension.Now here’s the real deal that makes this trick so annoying.Now take the batch file that you created and place it in the Windows startup.For those of you all who don’t know where startup is, no problemo! It’s in Start(Windows button on the left bottom of your screen), and there it will be, the windows startup.Just place the batch file in it and your trick is set to play a prank on your victim. The next time you switch on your computer your computer will look for the files in the startup directory and run them!! when your batch file is executed. It will display a message

“Fatal Error! Your Computer Will Shutdown in few Moments! “

You will next get a message box with a count-down for shutdown of your computer.You will have just a minute to remove the batch file from the startup directory to stop this from running again.Unless and until the file is removed from the startup . Your computer will shutdown every time you turn it on!! So don’t forget to remove the file from the startup directory. Just remember use this trick for fun purposes only( or you can use it in your college if you hate your lecturers, Because that’s what I do. 😛 Psssst,keep it a secret). Anyway I guess you have understood everything clearly.The outcomes of this trick is solely your responsibility.Have Fun!!

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