What To Do When System Hangs In Middle

The main problem we face regularly when we use a computer is: System hangs or freezes most of the times. Most of us will do a system reset or restart when system hangs because we dont have any other option. The main problem with this Reset is that you will loose all your unsaved work and some times data loss.To over come this problem i have few basic troubleshooting steps which can solve to bring the hanging system to normal state

First i have a simple trick: Keep on pressing the “Numlock” key until your operating system loads back to normal state. By doing this we can release the busy process. If this trick didn’t work for you then follow these basic steps to get your system to normal state.

1) Open the Windows Task Manager by pressing the “ctrl-alt-delete” keys. End the task in the processes tab which you feel is not required. You can observe all the programs shutting down in the taskbar one after the other, Then save if the problem is resolved. (All the programs are automatically saved even the Ms-word and other files.

2) If the problem is not solved even after the step 1 then may be some of the users are logged on the computer. Better use switch user in windows xp for the switch user page and then log off and log in so that all process will be restarted.

3) Better clean your History at least once in a week so that system speeds up->tools->internet options->clear history.

4) Delete all your internet temporary files ->tools->internet options->delete files

5) Delete cookies at least once a week ->tools->internet options->delete cookies

6) Remove and uninstall if you have unwanted programs which you haven’t use for longer this may slow up your system resources.

7) Defragment the drives atleast once in a week,right click on the desired drive and select tools and under that defragement now.

8) Check the logical drive’s volume for errors, right click on the desired drive and select tools and under that check now.

9) Make sure you always shutdown your computer properly.

10) I will give a simply and traditional application for all windows operating system which keeps your system in good working condition.



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