Top 5 Easy Tips To Increase Your Internet Speed

Dragging internet speeds can be frustrating and annoying. Watching streaming videos or downloading files can become impossible when your high speed Internet stops being high speed. Fortunately, a few simple tips can help you boost your high speed Internet back to the speed you prefer. Check out few tips for a faster internet speed connection. These simple tips may help you a bit extent.

Tip 1: Speed up your computer

Your high speed internet cannot operate any faster than your computer can process information, but even if you have a slow processor, there are some things you can do to speed up your computer.

Delete your Internet cache from time to time. While caching is helpful, after a time the data stored in the cache can become too much for your computer to handle. Likewise, be sure you are using the fastest Internet browser. Firefox, Chrome and Opera are some popular browsers that are known for their speeds.

Shut down computer programs that you are not using. All those programs that run in the background use valuable computer resources, and can slow your Internet speeds. For fastest Internet connections, you will want to be sure that your processor has the resources to maximize your broadband speeds.

If you have had a recent slowdown in your high speed Internet, run an anti-virus program, as you may have an Internet virus that is slowing down your connection.

Tip 2: Only use one computer

If you live in a home with multiple computers and users, this may not always be possible. Be aware that many computers sharing the same high speed internet will likely slow your speeds a bit. When other users are not using their computers, turn them off.

On a similar note, be sure that your wi-fi connection is secure. If you leave it open and not password protected, neighbors can also use your wi-fi connection, eating up valuable bandwidth and slowing down your high speed Internet.

Tip 3 : Give your router space

If your router is surrounded by furniture or near a wall or heater, it will most likely not operate at its best. Like your computer, the router needs a little space to breathe and to be able to vent so it does not become too warm. Ensuring that it has free space around it will allow it to operate at its fastest.

Tip 4: Avoid high graphic content

If you visit a lot of websites where the graphics are not relevant to you, you can always switch to text only internet usage. This can significantly increase your page loading speeds and leads to a much faster browsing experience.

Tip 5: Call your service provider

If you have tried the other tips and still are not getting the high speed Internet you are paying for, check with your broadband DSL providers regarding any technical problems. By first running an Internet speed test, you can verify how fast your current connection is. If it is significantly lower than what the provider has promised, they may be able to fix it for free. If they cannot or will not fix it, and you believe the problem is with the connection, not your computer, it may be time to shop for a different Internet service provider.

Article written by Tre Wiseman from Broadband Expert where lots of different high speed internet plans can be compared.

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