How to Find a Unknown Song With a Simple Software – Tunatic Song Recogniser

Ever heard a song and wondered “What song is this?” Here’s Tunatic to identify that. If  you a music fan and do you try out lots of different artists?? Do you have a song file that isn’t labeled and dying to find out who the artist is ? Don’t worry at all. Tunatic is gonna help you out with tagging it to your favorite song. Tunatic is a song identifying software for Windows and Mac computers. The mechanism behind this application is very simple. Let Tunatic hear what song you are playing and in no time will it tell you song it is. It must have happened to you many times that you just couldn’t figure out the name of a song and you just become restless and can’t sleep on your own bed with peace just because you didn’t find out the name of the song. With Tunatic, you just play that song from any player at hand adjust the mic so that Tunatic receives the signals identifies the song for you.

How it works :

Tunatic is the very first music based search engine of its kind. It might seem miraculous but it works on a very simple principle.

Tunatic receives audio signals from your microphone and converts it into a wave-form. This wave form is a finger print of the song. The waveform is compared to songs on the internet and if the results matches. The artist name and the song names are fetched and they will be displayed on Tunatic as shown.

Getting Started :

We’ll let’s get started and find out who that artist is, shall we?

  1. First things first, Download Tunatic. Get it from here.
  2. Stay connected to the internet (so that tunatic can send and receive information regarding the song that your playing.)
  3. Connect a good quality microphone to your computer and let it receive the song clearly.
  4. Wait for tunatic to identify the song.
  5. Remember to keep your mic nearer to speakers for tunatic to identify the song. Some times it may take some time to search the database.

And your done. Tunatic will identify the song and will display the song name and artist name in a matter of just few seconds.

Though it is an amazing application.It still needs some development. Not all songs are recognized by Tunatic. I tried about 10 songs out of which tunatic managed to identify 7 of them.So I think it is pretty accurate, it is 70% reliable.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for reading.

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