Eltima Recover PDF Password Giveaway Worth $1200 – Free License keys

Another Giveaway of the month from Coolpctips.com. This time, its Eltima Recover PDF Password for Windows. This is an awesome application for searching passwords for password protected PDF documents. Usually a standard PDF document will have two passwords, one is user and another one is owner. A user password can only be used to view the file and cannot be edited. And the owner password can allow you to edit the document, open, copy, print, and modify it again. Most of the PDF files are owner protected and the user cannot edit it, unless they have right owner privileges.

Eltima Recover PDF Password Giveaway

But what if you don’t have that any privileges to view the document itself ? This is the most worst case, where you won’t have a password for both the User and Owner accounts. We will be searching the whole Internet for a password recovery software and end up with some unwanted spams and unwanted viruses. So keeping this in mind, CoolPCTips has tied up with Eltima Recover PDF Password. The process of recovering a PDF Password becomes very easy once you stating using Eltima Recover PDF Password. This application will allow you to work with any password protect PDF file, without any restrictions. Also it will allow you to get back your forgotten or lost Owner and User password.

Eltima Recover PDF Password

There are few amazing and powerful ways of getting back your lost password. One of them is the Brute-force search. This involves a selection of possible password length and will search the algorithm, until it finds the original lost password. Luckily, if your lost password is a short one, you can recover it in few minutes. And another amazing search is exhaustive search option. This is really useful when a PDF file has both User and Owner passwords, which are very long and complex. And besides Brute-force search, you can also use dictionary search for password recovery. This will search each and every word or digit with combinations. And will list out the special lists of passwords.

Also there are many amazing features, which will surely get back your lost password. Few additional and amazing features of Eltima Recover PDF Password are,

Eltima Recover PDF Password Features:

1) You no need to have any Adobe Acrobat software to access or read PDF files.
2) Recovers Owner and User passwords instantly.
3) Brute-force and dictionary search options to recover the password super fast.
4) Different pattern algorithms, which are used to minimize the search time if any part of the password is known.
5) Auto Save password search state and can be resumed after a pause.
6) Has a Handy Recovery history and also can Decrypts PDF files.
7) Can remove digital signature from a decrypted PDF File.
8) Supports PDF 1.7 Acrobat files, including 256 bit decryption.
9) Compatible to all Windows Platforms and can support multiprocessor systems for even faster password searches.
10) View already recovered password files.

Our partners Eltima Recover PDF Password has sponsored us 10 Single User license keys, worth $40 each and also 5 network license keys worth $160 each. So a total of $1200 as a whole. Hope you could win some of these keys.

Note: Network Keys are only available to Bloggers, Companies, and other business people, who have more than 10 PC users connected with them. Rest of you guys can get the single license keys for your regular PC usage. To enter into the giveaway, you have to follow the below rules.

Eltima Recover PDF Password

Step: 1 – Like our Facebook Fan Page and Join our Facebook Group.
Step: 2 – Share this post on your Facebook wall or Twitter account (only if above 500 followers)
Step: 3 – Subscribe to our RSS and Leave a comment below with shared links (Step 2) and about the product.

We will select few lucky winners with good comments and send them the license keys. The giveaway will be closed on 30th June 2012. Please drop us a line on what you think about this amazing Eltima Recover PDF Password Giveaway.

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