Simple Way To Recover Your Forgotten Windows XP Password

Can’t get into your user account?  Its very easy to recover windows XP password.  I’m gonna explain how the default Administrator account can come to the rescue. With so many passwords to remember, your yahoo, Google, AIM, blogger, etc. It gets a little nosy to remember all the passwords.You may recover the passwords for the Yahoo, Gmail whatever through your email address.But what happens when you forget your own Windows password, you’d be left out in the no man’s land feeling helpless? And thankfully there are ways to recover your windows XP password.

Recover Windows XP Password In 4 Steps :

recover windows xp password

Lets have a look at how we can recover our windows passwords.But sadly for the windows Vista and 7 users, this method is not applicable.

1) Firstly to recover your windows XP password, you need to boot your computer into safe mode. To do this, just reboot your computer and keep tapping the F8 key until you are redirected to the Windows Advanced Options Menu. Here, select the Safe Mode option and hit the return key.

2) Windows will now boot into Safe Mode. It might take a little longer than that of the usual boot-up. It’s alright. After a while you’ll be presented with the User Account logon screen.If you click on your account, it will still ask you for the password which you do not know. There is another Administrator account which has no password by default. Click on the Administrator account to load windows.

3) Once Windows has finished loading, a pop-up box will appear, this is a simple warning that some of your devices may not work properly. This is due to the safe mode boot up, it disables all your multimedia and networking devices and drivers. Click on the yes button to confirm you are happy using Windows in Safe Mode.

recover windows xp password

4) A basic looking version of windows desktop will appear, click on the start button, then go to control panel.Locate the User Accounts Icon and open it. You will now see a list of user accounts, choose the account of which you have forgotten he password of.From the list of options, click change password. Now a window will appear, since you do not require the old password to change it, you can simply enter the new password and get yourself a new Windows password. You are done and you can now reboot your computer normally and access your desktop like you used to.

5) That’s all. Just take a look at the above screenshot to get a clear idea. If you have any queries, just let me know. I think now you can easily recover windows XP password when lost.

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