Boost Windows 7 Like Never Before

This Tutorial is to speed up your windows 7 with very easy steps and the best thing is that it has been tested and its working awesome. I will guide you through simple steps which you can apply easily.

1. Open start menu and type MSCONFIG in the search space.

2. Now open msconfig and choose boot tab. see the below figure.

3. Check the No GUI boot. Change the time out to 3 sec. remember that the default number is needed to rewrite it back. Now the below step is for those who have a dual core or more processors since we are using a last number of processesors. Click on advanced options.

4. Check th highest number of processors and check it to 2 if you are using a dual core.

5. Now move to services tab and uncheck
-Application Expierence
– Computer Browser
– Diagnostic Policy Service
– Distributed Link Tracking Client
– IP Helper
– Offline Files
– Portable Device Enumerator Service
– Print Spooler
– Protected Storage
– Remote Registry
– Tablet PC Input Service
– TCP /IP NetBIOS Helper

6. Now move to startup tab and uncheck everything EXCEPT all of your core drivers and services!!!

7. Last Step  Apply –> Now Restart!

Please do comment on the post if it really helped you.

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