Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) – A Review Without The Media Hype

Modern Warfare 3 is the most awaited game of the year and this modern warfare 3 review will make you go through a detailed info about the game. Let me give you a little bit about me. I’m not your average gamer. I don’t own tens of games, nor do I have lots of time to play on them. I’m twenty five, always had a console and each year I pick up two titles – Battlefield and Call of Duty (CoD). I’m pretty much an exclusively online “gamer,” and do so to let off steam after the end of a hard working day for half an hour or so.

If you’re considering purchasing Modern Warfare 3  you’re probably aware of all of the media hype surrounding the game, and after all, you probably owned Modern Warfare 2, World at War and Black Ops. I personally feel that many magazines and reviewers have jumped on the media hype wagon.

Modern Warfare 3 Review On Single Player Mode (MW3)

In summary, the single player on Modern Warfare 3 is, well, excellent. The graphics and scenery, and cut scenes are in a completely different league to its rival Battlefield 3. However, the story line on Battlefield 3 is far more convincing – if you’re a history buff you’ll be able to spot influences from historic battles involving Russia.

modern warfare 3 review

Whereas Battlefield 3 tends to tread old lines but does it well, Modern Warfare 3 seems to push the boundaries as users experience underwater fighting and fighting on London’s underground. Modern Warfare 3 does make use of some sick ironic humor, for example, there is a cut scene outside of Big Ben where you play the role of a camera man filming what you’d presume to be your wife and child playing with the pigeons outside – then, all of a sudden all hell breaks loose.

In some respects, I guess that the story line writers were trying to give us some slowed down, humanized perspective to this fictions plot , demonstrating the implications would be if the story line were true. CoD players tend to be notoriously, run- run, die-die trigger happy.

Modern Warfare 3 Review On Multiplayer Mode (MW3)

Now, like a sinner in a confession box – I’m going to have to make a confession here. I am disappointed by Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. Not because it’s not good, but because it doesn’t add anything new.

I’ve played on CoD online since my housemate “Ed” at University introduced me at to the frantic Xbox live experience. Each call of duty since then has seemingly really added something to the experience – Call Of Duty 3 gave us a much improved multiplayer experience with improved graphics and maps, Call Of Duty 4 (MW1) introduced a new engine and a host of new modes as well as perks. World at war – zombies, MW2 really polished off MW2.

modern warfare 3 review

Now, I feel a little bit like Modern Warfare 3 really doesn’t add much in the way of multiplayer experience. If feels a little bit like Modern Warfare 2.5. The fact that many key programmers and designers left, I feel shows.

To be unkind, Modern Warfare 3 does feel like a Modern Warfare 2 map pack with a few new modes. Now on the subject of maps, I feel like there are a lack of them in comparison to previous versions of CoD – distinctly designed to milk us, the consumer for every cent for new map packs.

The graphics and feel, I think is largely the same as MW2. That said, the attention to detail, must be noted and appreciated. I particularly liked the naming of the London Underground station “Middleton” named after the maiden name Kate, the wife of William Winsor – third in line to the British throne at the time of writing. Moreover, the fine touches of London underground map and uniquely designed cars rather than the same car design over and over again makes for a much more real experience.

To conclude, Modern Warfare 3 continues the same formulaic arcade style shoot ’em up that follows have come to know and love. Does it add anything new? Not really. Is it better than Modern Warfare 2, definitely.

Watch out Activision, EA’s Battlefield 3 is clearly catching up.

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